Monday, 12 October 2015

~ Cloth Things ~

This has been a draft post for over two years! I thought it was time to take out the mothballs and give it an airing. 

: :

A few things in cloth in 2013. I did not like this circular all....

and I wanted to practice weaving cloth as I had learned from Jude.


I paired the front with the first piece I ever made when I first found Jude's blog, and was so excited and inspired....and that continues....even more I take each of the classes she has provided. 

It has also been two years since I took a class with Jude, (I have missed them),  and now, that most generous of souls is setting up to give her classes, her knowledge, for free, (with an optional donate button),....what she teaches is priceless, unique. I came across a journal entry recently, of the day I found that amazing blog 'Spirit Cloth'. I remember the feeling I made me catch my breath, my heart beat a little faster, and the letter 'o'... lengthened to 'ooooo'...quietly on an outbreath....was repeated a lot. That was on the 21st December 2010, and I was celebrating my 50th birthday a few days early. Best birthday gift ever.

Rainbow Cloth. This now has the violet velvet. Need to take photos!

I made a couple of cloth bookmarks:

As they are bookmarks, I try to make them velvet is my

 Added a few more stitches to this one:

A friend bought this from me. She
doesn't use it as a bookmark, but
has it hanging on her wall.

I had been given, years ago, a calico bag, which originally held a small bag of flour for bread making....

I wanted to use the pieces I had cyanotyped, (is that a word?), and so, my first boro piece was made.

The strap is from a white cotton summer dress. The back is indigo linen from a thrifted pair of trousers.

I lined it with a piece of silk scarf....

I haven't taken many photos of my more recent work, so that's to be done next. Maybe I'll get back to blogging again.
Cariad Mawr.

Buzz x

Saturday, 4 July 2015

100 Words of a Humid Summer Day

humid, chickens, dogs, ducks, sheep, pond, boating, faery-wood, walking, photo-taking, instagram,  tree-hugging, love, essential-oils, olives, cashews, avocado, fresh-laid-egg, My Man, loving, reading, Wildwood, poetry-writing, fresh strawberries, warm wind, cockatiel, singing, dancing, gardening, kombucha, roast-dandelion-root-coffee, dreaming, open windows, open doors, buzzards, red kites, raspberries, kale, journaling, keeping a weather journal, stitching, wishing, beauty, nature, willows, hay, damsel flies, dragon flies, irridescence, blues, greens, clouds, sun, Venus, Jupiter, bright moon, peonies, roses, popping empty crisp bags....giggling uncontrollably, butterflies, sparrows, tiny frogs, honeysuckle, ukulele, yoga, reflexology, gluten-dairy-free carob cake.Happy.

inspired by susannah

Sunday, 22 September 2013

~ Equinox haiku ~

Emerald green waves
backlit by Equinox sun.
Autumn strokes my face.
21st September 2007