Sunday, 18 August 2013

~ For Grace ~

She was weaving in the Rosemary
with a steady, perfect rhythm,
and I wondered...
do they do it perfectly from
the first try,
or like me,
 do they have to 

These also brought great joy to us three, when they were born on our garden fence many years ago.
:: ~ ::
Although I harvest nettles for drying through the summer, I make sure I leave plenty for the butterflies who lay their eggs on them. In the greenhouse at the moment, this is happening....

I love how they wrap themselves inside so as to be safe from birds.

Peacock butterfly caterpillar
It will turn into this....although this one is a little tired and has lost its vibrant colour....

I think this one is a Red Admiral caterpillar:


 Some of the things that have been made here this summer...

Mullein flower remedy
Yarrow and Mullein flower remedies
raspberry jam
Our first attempt ever, at wine~making. Lemon Balm.
The wine is nearly ready to bottle. We have loved watching the air bubbles releasing, getting slower and slower.

What have you made this summer....?

Cariad mawr
H x


  1. oh...THANK YOU! see the repetition of the webbing in Your
    garden just fills me with a deep Feeling that validates all that
    i feel about the Basic Goodness that will NOT be daunted. how
    they weave, so competantly, so focused, all over the planet....
    THANK YOU!!!! and all the rest, and i loved hearing just that
    little of your Voice! if only i could come by for a small glass of
    that wine. Sit in your garden. ask your Man questions about
    the Sky.
    this post is Love itself, ....g

    1. Oh would be so good to see you HERE...sharing our wine, lighting an outside fire and taking a guided tour around the sky....I showed your comment to My Man, and he loved that you said that :~) x x x

    2. this touches me. that we to you, you to him, me to
      and all about Spiders and SKY.
      it's really magnificent. it really really IS.

  2. Such beauty in your world this summer! I was just saying to my guy that there were so many spider webs along the driveway wall when I left this morning. The sun was hitting each one. It was sure something to see. I'll try to capture the scene tomorrow morning. There have been an abundance of spiders here this year.

    1. "The sun was hitting each one"....I can see them all in my beautiful Nancy, and doesn't seeing something like that first thing in the morning just set you up right for the day.

      I hope you manage to capture them...I'll be over to see.

      Much love to you x x x

  3. Wonderful visiting here, Helen -- and I can't wait to hear how the lemon balm wine tastes!!! Will you age it? xo

    1. Hey Peggy :~)

      We snuck a little taste of the wine a few days is lovely already :~))) I think bottling will happen in the next week or so...and we will keep it for the Solstice; it will remind us of summer days on that day of returning light.

      It is supposed to age for six months, so maybe we will keep some for Imbolc too :~))) x

  4. so enjoyed hearing a taste of your voice! and you are as busy as a spider yourself. I have made a little space this summer, during the continuing clutter clear out. And a few pies from the berries.

    1. Oh! I like that you think I'm as busy as a spider...what a compliment...thank you Cindy :~)))

      I know what hard work clearing out is...emotionally as well as physically...but it always feels good afterwards.

      Pies.....mmmmmm :~))) x

  5. oh sigh what a beautiful post Helen, your voice, the spider at work and the butterflies, we have the same ones in our garden and at this particular time they're feasting on the plums!
    we used to make plum slivovitz, too strong to my taste; we have become lazier and more practical: we eat the fruit straight from the tree, as do the birds btw, fallen fruit either ends up in dessert or in a bucket for the insects; I have started to eat many of the wild flowers/plants growing in our garden since I have my edible-plant-bible and of course continue dyeing with whatever is considered dyeable
    such a wonderful post full of Love

  6. ...and I just wanted to add I love coming here and stepping into your world

    1. Thank you Saskia...and I am so happy you came for a visit :~)))

      Eating fruit straight from the tree....isn't that one of the great and simple pleasures in life....we have no apples this year as our tree had storm damage last winter. We are thankful though that she is still alive.

      Eating wild flowers/plants has been a most favourite thing since I was young...I can imagine your excitement and satisfaction as you look and identify and taste and of the best things ever...oh...and the dyeing.... Life is so good isn't it....when we live it like this.

  7. love these little life clips.