Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Some Of Our Summer

Going home

We had a bumper crop of raspberries

Happy thrifting throughout the summer

Summer feet

A bumper crop of cucumbers too

Cardigan town where I was born, celebrated 900 years this summer

Mythological 25 foot tall Bran the Blessed was resurrected after a thousand years and brought us all a message to build healing bridges between nations and communities. 

A natural pool at a disused and abandoned slate mine

Mini wavelets pop up
out of a flat calm sea
and swim to shore 
like a school of dolphins

Seagull on thermals.
Graceful and free on the wind.

Art at Rhos-y-Gilwen
'Keeping Ones Feet On The Ground (In An Increasingly
Upside Down World) An Act of Mittenism' by Maya Bryden

Apple Blossom in our garden ~ only one apple though!

I love finding new-to-me wild plants...
this one is Many Seeded Goosefoot

One of my totems ~ the Buzzard

My Man

We were so happy to have bumblebees choose to nest in
one of our compost bins this summer. They were so busy
coming in and going out, often passing each other at the
entrance. The mess is of their making!

A trip to the character~full and original Pink Cafe for
delicious treacle sponge and ice~cream and peppermint

My Man at the Pink Cafe

A thrift shop find ~ only £3!!

I love making herbal blends for tea. This one is Rosemary,
Sage, Lemon Balm and three Mints fresh from the garden.

We were incredibly excited to have a visit from a
Hummingbird Hawk Moth one summer evening.

My first attempt at pin~hole photography.
It came out too dark :~(

My walking beach

Three mint tea and carrot cake at Rhos-y-Gilwen

A beautiful tree to hug at Rhos-y-Gilwen

A beautiful Yogi Tea message

Elderflower collected for cordial making

Silver horizon
Alchemy of sea and sky
Mercury rising


  1. Your blog is lovely, Helen!

    I would love to drink herbal tea with you....and I'm totally inspired by the Pink Cafe!


  2. Thank you Helen :~)

  3. What a colourful summer you've had. Such a lovely collection of photos to show for it.