Sunday, 5 September 2010


For the past two years I have created only three small art works. The one on the upper left is still a work in progress.

A small assemblage 8"x8" (my first) inspired by the work of Kurt Schwitters

All the 'stuff' I have collected over the years ~ so much of it! ~ was scattered here and there throughout the house. There was nowhere for me to keep it all in one place and so, whenever I had a spark of creativity, the time taken to search out the things I wanted, sometimes hours, would end with me feeling upset, frustrated and with spark gone completely.

I love working with fabrics, feathers, leather, leaves, buttons, shells, driftwood, stones, tags, findings of all kinds. I collect ticket stubs from bus and train journeys, cinema and theatre visits, old book pages, old envelopes, old letters. I get so excited when I see old, washed-out materials in cotton and linen. I pick up thrift clothes and cut them up to use in my pictures and fabric art.

My Man....that dear, darling husband of mine....

saw how down I was getting about this, so did something for me that I would never have done for myself....he bought me a wooden garden studio. Even writing those words brings a huge smile which starts in my heart and flows upwards and outwards until it lands, glowing, on my face :~)))

It took the two of us ten hours to put it up on Friday last week, but we had to wait for windows, so it wasn't fully completed until Tuesday - the last day of August. What an end~to~the~summer gift.

Buttons and feathers and findings galore

A lovely long desk to work at, with great natural light 

A crock~full of leather and a basket of wool fibres

I have created a piece in there already and it was bliss - bliss I tell you. Oh I am a happy puppy...tra~la~la~la~la.

Now I can go and play every day ~ happy ~ happy ~ joy ~ joy ~


  1. Oh WOW! I now have studio-envy ;-) That is fantastic beyond belief, lucky woman! And wonderful artwork you've created. I just want to gaze at it, absorb all of its elements, and wonder where all of the bits have been.

  2. Looks like we both started blogging this summer!
    I must pick up a few more feathers for you to add to your stash. I know exactly what you mean about the inspiration passing as you search around for materials. Happens to me too, because my workroom is like a bomb site!
    Blessings, miss you, must meet up sometime!

  3. Hi Wabi-Sabi Wanderings :~) Thanks again for visiting and leaving such kind words. Blessed be. H x

    Hey hey Mel. How lovely to 'see' you on here :~)Feathers are ALWAYS gratefully received!! Take care and blessed be darling girl x x x

  4. Oh wow, oh my Goddess! What a perfect, wonderful gift. I'm so happy for you. And, also a little bit envious (I dream of having somewhere like this, but one would need to find somewhere with a proper garden first to put it).

    I think your art is really lovely, and I hope I'll get to see more of it, if I keep popping in.

    Bright Blessings.

  5. Helen, I know EXACTLY how you feel...because I just got the keys to MY VERY OWN STUDIO today!!!

    I love that you've got yours so organised so quickly! (Think mine will take longer...) And it looks SO lovely. Just perfect.

    I hope - I KNOW - that you'll be deliriously happy in there. I shall think of you in your wooden studio as I work and play in my stone one.


  6. what a wonderful, wonderful, gift (and huysband!!) - it looks stunning and exactly the kind of thing I wish for . . .*sigh* - one day!

    I love your little featured pieces, I'm sure you will create lots of magic in your garden-hideaway :)


    Ps thanks for your well-wishes for my MA

  7. What a lovely studio space you and your husband have built. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your art as you create it your new light-filled space.

    I love having room to spread out creatively and even if I am just at my desk on my computer, to write in a room that is mine alone can make all the difference in my productivity at times.

  8. Thank you everyone :~) Happy I finished another small assemblage yesterday. I think the studio is also a muse!

  9. Oh my - this is simply fantastic! Congratulations to you sweet Helen. LOVE the blissful piece that's already erupted from this gorgeous space and can't wait to see what else comes out of it and your heart!

  10. Thank you so much Kelly :~) ~ and I am looking out for Dance of the Dissident Daughter, thanks for suggesting it. I LOVE her writing. Blessed be.