Monday, 9 September 2013

~ Snippets of Summer ~ Part One ~ Two Walks ~

Early on in the summer, there were two walks on consecutive days along the Coastal Path with my friend Jude, and Tilly's old friend Dilwyn.

Tills, on the left, and Dills

In Solva three years ago
It was the first walk we had done together since Tilly became ill over two years ago, and she was terribly missed. Dilwyn is so lovely; he gives me even more love than he used to, whenever he sees me now. He knows that I miss our darling girl.

Solva harbour...there is a woolen mill in the village, where Jackie Morris often goes to sign her books, which are for sale there...I love giving them as gifts.

What time can do...

There were mysterious caves...

 and seals far below us...

I love that they are as curious about us, as we are about them....

....and this belly roll...

You can hear my friend, Jude, speaking....

There were orchids galore...

and my first introduction to squills...aren't they beautiful...

there were a few Sea Campions that had not yet 'gone over'...

Choughs were paired up and nesting....

These ponies were so quiet and peaceful...I had precious moments of stroking velvet noses, and whispering love words into curious ears.

We visited St Non's Chapel, which is a ruin, and I cannot find the photo I took of it....maybe I only imagined taking had that kind of effect. I did take this image though. The stone is propped up in the corner of the ruin. If you visit the link I've put above, you'll see more about all of it. The modern chapel had swallows flying in and out with great acrobatic speed to feed their babies. They nest there every year, and the Irish nun we spoke to puts newspapers on the floor underneath, and leaves the door open permanently, until the chicks have flown :~)

 We drank from St Non's well....and it did 'do' something for me...lifted a heaviness that has been there for some timeI noticed that I was happily busy throughout the summer....without effort. I liked it. It is time to visit and drink again.

An unexpected and pleasant surprise, was coming across a little hut along the trail, which provided teas, delicious home~made cakes and ice~cream. We had Earl Grey tea, blueberry oatcakes and toffee fudge ice~cream. Mmmm.

This little one was one of a family of Finches who were quite happy to ask for us the share our goodies....and we were more than happy to do so....he was within easy touching distance camera would not focus well.

A, what was once typical, Welsh cottage. I miss them. I stopped to look at this one and dream of the slower and quieter time I knew 'back then'.

The Blue Lagoon of Abereiddi is rather lovely, and quite well known now. 

Some of the ruins at its entrance...

There were so many of these along the path...I moved most of them away from where feet might have squashed them....

I think they turn into this. Isn't that the cutest :~)))

I liked the interesting gothic looking rock formations....

and the monster profiles...

These two days did me so much good. I cast aside all worries and 'round~and~round' thinking and allowed myself to just be ~ breathing in everything I saw, smelled, touched, tasted, heard and imagined. Another walk is imminent....I can't wait.

On Thursday, a little bee was on our windowsill, obviously exhausted. Whenever we see this we offer honey to hopefully revive them. 

It worked this time :~))) It had been feeding for about ten minutes here, and soon after I stopped the video, it started to buzz, and was soon flying out of the window....smiles all round.

On Saturday, Our Boy had his 20th birthday.

It was a great day. We bottled the Lemon Balm wine....and drank one of them! :~)) We're not used to it, so we got sozzled!

Iechud da.
Cariad mawr.
H x


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey - blue seas, winds, seals, handsome son, lovely images. September blessings to you!

    1. Hey Valerianna ~ thank you....blessings to you too. :~)))

  2. Oh what a lovely journey to take through your eyes! I may need to drink from that well :)
    Happy Birthday to your boy!

    1. Thank you Nancy....message delivered, and 'thank you' from Our Boy :~)

      The well was great....the effects were subtle....I suddenly realised in the days afterwards, that I felt better....and it has lasted all summer :~)

  3. hello Helen, found you trhough spirit cloth, and needed to say hello. Pictures of pembrokeshire - know the places before reading the script. The welsh cottage picture reminded me of John Knapp Fisher's older paintings. Now live in deepest darkest Devon, and not been to your part of Wales for a while. Need to revisit that wildness. Happpy sozzling.

  4. A belated happy birthday to your handsome, lovely Boy! I too love seeing things through your words and pictures - thanks for sharing!

  5. oh....All Of This! i missed seeing when you posted it, but then
    seeing today, the 27th, is really PERFECT, transported me away
    to this Walk with you...again, i sigh. What a truly beauty FULL
    place you live. i can't imagine. so, you show me.
    THANK YOU! love, g

    1. Hey Grace.

      I'm so glad you enjoyed walking with me :~) It is one of the things I really like about this we all get to see what each other's places are.....

      So great that you visited on THIS date :~))))

    2. Ooops....I'm signed in as My Man!!!!

      Love, Buzz :~)