Hello. I'm Helen.


Born a child of the woods

where trees were my mother
green leaves my father;
the creatures my siblings, 
our playmate ~ the river ~
where days were spent collecting stones,
floating leaves, gathering twigs;
taking strolls through bordering fields
filled with meadowsweet ~
stretching out on this Queen of the Meadows
~ releasing her honied scent,
singing with crows,
(never realising until later that we were
calling out my husband's name ~ Mark, Mark, Mark) 
and dancing with butterflies ~
arms spread wide, 
then flung in a hug
: :
: :
4th March, 2012

I'm at a bit of a crossroads at the moment, coming to the end of a long and relatively successful career as a therapist, (massage, aromatherapy and cranio-sacral therapy), and not knowing yet what will fulfill me in the same way.

Art is becoming more and more of a possibility, though I have no idea if I will be able to make a living from it. I am very excited about trying though, and having just been gifted a garden studio, (which I prefer to call my shed), by my darling man, am thoroughly enjoying creating assemblages, textile art and altered books in there.

Update 2015 

In 2015, my sunprinting work was accepted in the Newport Art Collective Gallery.


I live near the sea, which I love,

but  my natural habitat is a wood, filled with Beech, Oak, Ash, Rowan, Hazel, Hawthorn, Holly and Elder tree friends to hug, with a river curling around its edges.

Sharing my life with me is my darling man, our precious son and our dear little dog...Tilly.

We miss her

I love and adore curling up with my love and a book in front of a friendly, cozy fire, receiving bear-hugs from my son, walking in wild places - foraging, making herbal tinctures, tisanes and decoctions,


blending essential oils, making flower essences, 

Collecting the healing waters from St Non's Well, to make flower essences of Bluebell and Spring Squill.

drinking Earl Grey tea and scribbling in my moleskin in interesting cafes,

and finding beauty in my everyday world....from the ever-changing drama offered by the vast sky,

to the tiny insects which share the path my feet tread 

and everything betwixt and between. I love to take photos and my camera is never very far from my side, though sometimes I will let myself just be, to look and enjoy instead of trying to capture.

My roots are Welsh and Irish. Welsh is my first language.

I intensely dislike television (refuse to have one in the house). Love films though. Am phobic about answering the phone.

Oh, and I get a thrill from thrift shopping and hunting down a bargain and have quite a thing for hats 

Cariad Mawr


  1. You sound like a lovely lady. Wish we could meet up for some tea. Maybe someday.

    I love that you love hats.

  2. Dear Juliana ~ thank you so much for such kind words* I would love for us to have tea together some day....can you just imagine all we would talk about! :~) Much love to you

  3. Just found you through Denise's blog - and very happy to have done so!

  4. Thank you Jo :~)

    I have visited you briefly, but will do so 'properly' in the next couple of weeks when I have gone home again and will hopefully have a working computer!

    Blessed be*

  5. oh my dear ... you have THE BEST hats and here i thought i was doing well with my collection ;-)

    it is so lovely to "meet" you and i too wish that someday we could meet for tea as you seem oh so lovely xox