~ Musings ~

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New-moon and a hint-of-Autumn air makes me feel restless.
There is a wildness outside tonight - a New Moon wildness which matches my mood.
I opened the door to say 'goodnight' to the night, and the wind was caressing, moisture-laden, warm, making me stand with eyes closed as it teased its way through strands of my hair, and spritzed itself against my face. I took deep, gulping breaths of it, wanting to swallow it up and bring it inside....

It follows me, slipping in through the door before it is closed, and winds its clean freshness like an air-dried towel around my form. I smell it clinging to me and hope it will direct my dreams tonight.
 17th August 2012
New Moon ☽◯☾
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The air is made visible as leaves dapple sunlight onto my desk; an abstract moving film inside the stillness of my shed.
July 2012
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Walking back to the car, I had a spontaneous urge to create a piece of land art.
It was a race against the tide as I swiftly gathered small, coloured stones in purples, greens, greys, black, beige and white.
First drawing out a small spiral, I then placed my stones in a pleasing~to~me pattern of colours, occasionally giggling as I endeavoured to finish before the sea, that unstoppable force, would claim my happily wrought artwork. 
I finished with time to spare, even collecting driftwood and feathers for the centrepiece of the spiral, and sitting on the slope of pebbles to await that first destructive wave.
It came in a rush, rearranging woman~made art into its own abstract design, and I laughed with child~like delight.
4th October 2012
Artist Date.  
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I went outside in the dark, to feel the wind on my upturned face. I needed the contact with nature.
19th January 2008 
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Everywhere is saturated, but still the daffodils and snowdrops are sending up their leaves. It is so lovely to see them. As I write this, a bird is singing ~ despite all this weather ~ the birds still sing. 
21st January 2008 
≈ ☼ ≈
Willow snow faeries lazily float around me as 
I sit enjoying the heat of the sun and listen
with delight as a Blackbird duets with his own
 20th May 2012
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 I walked through a mini woodland this morning ~
a mini woodland with a small stream rich in 
waterfalls ~ a quartet of waterfalls.

 This wood~nymph with the heart of a dryad
was content.
20th May 2012
≈ ☼ ≈

We are back to the grey ~ no colour ~ 
monochrome sky.
Clouds pregnant and water~retentive.
21st March 2012
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On Sunday, Tilly and I went for our monthly walk with our friends
Jude and Dilwyn again. This time it was coastal and we were warmly

enclosed in mist for most of it. It created a deep quiet and stillness,

making us speak in hushed, reverend tones.

The gorse scented the air with its coconut smell, redolent of summer

and hot sunny beaches, and patches of bluebells and wood anemones

told us that this was once woodland. Sea campions and violets were at their best.
An otherwordly sound; a haunting base~note floated to us, carried on the foggy 
dew~drops, making the tiny hairs of neck and arms stand on end.
It came again, and then again, calling to us, drawing us closer.
We recognised the eerie cry of a mating seal.....no female
could resist such longing, such a compelling summoning.
We certainly couldn't and we were rewarded with the hazy
forms of a few of them as they languished on a small rock
in the sea far below us. It made for a magic day, that settled
deep into our bones and will stay, a reminder of how beautiful
an island we are so very fortunate to live on.
23rd April, 2011

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I love autumn. It makes me feel full of life and magic, but tinged with a poignant sadness around the edges....a longing, a wanting, but for what? Is it primal? I want to dance madly around a fire, ride a half-wild horse at full gallop over hilltops; run in a wood....probably howling.....with the full moon shining through branches that dance in time to the rapid tempo of my heart.
Wildness courses through me, carried by blood heated to boiling despite the cooling crispness of the autumn air.

As I sit here typing in the darkness, with only the light of the computer screen, I look out and see the gibbous moon shining her argentiferous light on a liquid silver sea and it makes me ache.

17th September, 2010

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I remember when I was six years old, putting on my wellies and going down to the field below the house. We had had lots of rain and the river Ceri, which bordered our fields, had escaped her banks, flooding the fields with two foot of water. 

Now, the water had receded, leaving a muddy residue, like badly applied makeup. I would go down to the part of the field which was boggy even in dryer weather, as I knew that now, just after its recent waterlogging it would speak to me.

I would stand on a grassy tussock and rock from left to right. Bubbles would come up from beneath my little knoll; sometimes slow and thick with a muddy plop, other times fast and thin like a pan of boiling water.

My post would be precarious and wobble quite severely, but it somehow made my six year old self feel that I was floating above the ground. My whole being would be engrossed in the link between me and the water and the earth. I felt very much a part of it all ~ I was very much a part of it all. To me, I was that tussock, and I was the water bubbling up around my feet. There was no separation, no dividing line. We merged, and I still love the feeling when I am so engaged in the natural world around me I become it.

7th October, 2005

≈ ☼ ≈

I squat and watch a garden spider sitting in the centre of her web
which is stretched right across from our oil tank to the clothes~line
pole. She is a sexy lady ~ full~bodied, slim legs, with exotic markings
in two tone brown.

≈ ☼ ≈

Sitting in a bower...
Enveloped by the sweet scent of honeysuckle.
Being serenaded by an orchestra of a thousand bees
as they gather their pollen~treasure from the 'buzzing bush'.
Watching a spider floating in the air and climbing up to heaven
on an invisible ladder; then a glint of silver as the 
sun's light reveals her magic woven thread.
A bird singing ♫ ♩ ♯ ♪ ♫ ♬ so tunefully,
with chirps from sparrows as counterpoint.
Peace on this sunny Thursday morning
as I drink bergamot scented Earl~Grey tea
from a blue and white cup.
Newhaven, East Sussex
24th May, 2007
≈ ☼ ≈

My mysterious and elusive garden flyer came back...
...with a partner. This time we got a good look...
and at first hummingbirds came to mind ~ 
swiftly realising we don't have them in this country, and 
following the thought process to 'Hummingbird Hawk Moth'.
Wow! ~ 
they were breath~taking, heart~lifting, spirit~singingly awesome!
21st July, 2010

≈ ☼ ≈

Born a child of the woods
where trees were my mother
green leaves my father;
the creatures my siblings, 
our playmate ~ the river ~
where days were spent collecting stones,
floating leaves, gathering twigs;
taking strolls through bordering fields
filled with meadowsweet ~
stretching out on this Queen of the Meadows
~ releasing her honied scent 
and dancing with butterflies ~
arms spread wide, 
then flung in a hug
around an Oak,
a Beech,
an Alder,
a Birch.
: :
: :
4th March, 2012
≈ ☼ ≈
I saw the Orion Nebula ~ all those beautiful baby stars being born. It was floaty and exquisite.
1st February 2008 

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I made a spontaneous decision to go on an artist date ~ something I haven't done for two years. Oh! It was a feast and I was ravenous. 
The wind was exactly right ~ gentle and warm. 
My feet thought it was summer again as I shucked boots and socks and gloried in the shallows, warmed as they rippled over heated sand.
There were many moments when I wished I had my camera with me.
One was, seeing a tiny school of fish in a rock pool. They themselves were hard to see, but the sun shining on their watery home made their black shadows a gaspingly beautiful swimming~dance on the sand in the bowl of the pool.
The waves were back~lit into a rippling emerald green.
I said 'hello' to my friends Eagle Rock, Buffalo Rock and Mermaid's Perch.
I stopped for a pot of English Breakfast Tea in Sands Cafe, sitting out on their patio next to a bed of tall water reeds dancing in a wave to their own susurrous maracus music.
4th October 2010

≈ ☼ ≈

A warm wind blowing mist and sea~spray all around us.
The sea, boiling.
Jelly fish on the shore.
My mouth full of sea~air.
A tree washed up onto the pebbles encrusted in beautiful
pale~blue~lace~agate goose barnacles,
making music in the wind
~ a glorious counter~point to the crashing
crescendo of the roiling sea.
18th July 2010
Newgale Beach
≈ ☼ ≈

We lay in our bed in the summer dark
listening to rain drops patter softly onto raspberry leaves
outside the open window.
1st July 2010
 ≈ ♥ ≈ 17th Wedding Anniversary ≈ ♥ ≈  
≈ ☼ ≈

Driving through magenta hills in the Preseli sunset last night after walking through snowdrop covered woods
and fording friendly streams
8th March 2010
≈ ☼ ≈

I was in a misty, dream-like state all day! I picked blackberry blossoms to make a flower-essence. Placed them by the mini standing stone.
Their energy was enhanced by ants as they crawled all over the flowers during the making of the essence.
The ants' message is patience....and today I feel patient. It is a recurring message for me...has been for over a year.
3rd July 2009

≈ ☼ ≈

I stepped outside for a few minutes - daisies, dancing in the sun called me out there...and I saw two butterflies flitting and flirting with one another in a mating ritual.
19th April 2009

≈ ☼ ≈

I climbed a TREE :~))) She was a grand dame of a Beech tree, well used by many generations of children.
She was gracious and made it easy to climb her. She was also a work of art, with generous and pleasing curves.
2nd June 2010
New Hedges on our way to Manorbier
≈ ☼ ≈

Crab Apple Jelly

The sweet smell of apples with a hint of cloves and ginger whispered through our home as I made
crab apple jelly. It was so enjoyable cutting them up, revealing tiny pentagrams in their centre.
28th October 2010

≈ ☼ ≈

Rowan berries and Faery mirrors

The Rowan berries are in full orange fire and the air is slowly biting into an
Autumn crisp; while the light is sliding from its warm summer pink to
the cooler blue of shadowy fall.
16th August 2010

≈ ☼ ≈
The sea was a rippling pale grey silk, then, as the tide came in, a sheet of pewter grey.
5th October 2009
at Jude's

We saw a MOST wondrous ship, with a veritable forest of masts and sails. She was called TENACIOUS and is an able and disabled crew ship.

Our timing was perfect, as she was leaving harbour 10 minutes after we arrived.

She is going to Barcelona ~ a 20 day trip ~ and will stay there until June.

Her skipper is a 5'3" lady, one of only three lady skippers in the world who captain such a big ship. 

It was uplifting, smile~and~happy~making to see her glide so gracefully and majestically out of Milford Haven to the open sea.
10th November 2009

≈ ☼ ≈

Cardigan's 900th year

Armed with camera and an excited anticipation, I went with my Man to see what Cardigan was
providing as entertainment to celebrate its 900th year.
We saw Bran's arms and legs being trasported over the old bridge on one trycicle-pulled trailer, and
his torso on another and so went to the quay to await the return of Bran the Blessed.
His body parts, found and reassembled, lay prone and huge, missing only his head now, and we watched
as a monk in a dark hooded cloak brought him by boat along the river.

At last he was complete again ~ 1,000 years after being torn apart and scattered in different directions.
A 'Choir of the Chosen' sang him to life, and sang me to life while they were at it - oh! my goodness -
they tore my heart in two and pieced it back, complete and full to bursting.

He stood twenty five feet tall, and in a voice booming hollowly with great age and wisdom, told us
"There is no leader who is not a bridge" and to gather together and help each other as in the
communities of old. Yes please.
21st August 2010

≈ ☼ ≈

It is 10:10:10 today. I looked at the digital clock and I had just missed 10:10!
A binary moment on a binary day.
10th October 2010

≈ ☼ ≈

Excerpt of a memory.....

her head bare, thrown back, relishing the wet feel of it on her face and knowing it was good for her long dark hair. She would also be singing - loudly and lustily. My parents thought her odd, strange. I thought her exciting, magnificent, a role-model.
One day, I was playing with my friend, whose house was attached to the family Hibbs' house. We were at the bottom of the garden. I had been experimenting with eye-shadow that day, and had used the bright, shimmery green so popular in the late sixties. I felt most proud of myself. Mrs Hibbs came down to the bottom of her garden to see us, and encouraged me to talk about my eye-shadow, then gently suggested ways to improve my technique - she was definitely a goddess.....
She worked as a sculptor and tried to encourage me to experiment by giving me a large lump of clay; red, wrapped in a damp cloth and kept in a plastic bag. She also provided the chicken wire to be moulded into a base-shape. My father did not approve, and the clay was delegated to one of the out-buildings. My passion then was horses, so I tried to mould and sculpt wire and clay into equine beauty. I do not think I managed it, as I have a vague memory of feeling bitter disappointment and uselessness. My father had no time for "artistic nonsense" of any kind, so I would have been actively discouraged from any such notions.
Mrs Hibbs and her family did not stay long in our quiet, narrow little village.
She was a whirlwind passing through, picking up my senses as she went, and leaving herself forever in my memory.
I wonder who then had the pleasure of her company and how many more young girls grew up with a love of long hair and walking in the rain - singing unabashedly - loving life.

Wednesday, 31st January, 2007


Day 1 ~ just joining in six-word day

Day 2 ~ taking photos of shadows ~ great light

Day 3 ~ watching river ~ sitting on the bank

Day 4 ~ happy to be living my life

Day 5 ~ stargazing live tonight ~ clear skies ~ hopefully!

Day 6 ~ stitching maple leaf into moleskin journal.

Day 7 ~ making kefir, blueberry, apple, pear, smoothy.

Day 8 ~ husband fears dentist ~ I was there

Day 9 ~ thoroughly unusual day ~ we were sociable :~)
Day 10 ~ made my love a Dwynwen card.
Day 11 ~ is it Thursday or Friday? – Confused.
Day 12 ~ last night ~ Venus and the Moon
Day 13 ~ sundog, sunspots, solar observing with husband
Day 14 ~ (((HUG))) for all who needs one ~
Day 15 ~ stitching, stitching, stitching my Magic Cloth
Day 16 ~ in love with the word, cadence :~)
Day 17 ~ Imbolc eve. Grateful for light’s return.
Day 18 ~ Oh no, the gloomies have hit :~(
Day 19 ~ I fought the gloomies ~ and won!
Day 20 ~ white frost, blue skies, bright light :~)
Day 21 ~ laundry wind, and sun-dried today.
Day 22 ~ making dream catcher for birthday gift.
Day 23 ~ blinding full moon seen through telescope.
Day 24 ~ making soup ~ dancing in the kitchen.
Day 25 ~ library book sale ~ happy, happy bibliophile.
Day 26 ~ new tablets control Tilly’s epilepsy ~ hurraaaaah :~)
Day 27 ~ reading Alice Munro ~ new to me.
Day 28 ~ made Chai tea from scratch ~ frothed.
Day 29 ~ love my loved ones EVERY day ♥
Day 30 ~ talked at ~ for eight long hours :~(
Day 31 ~ Embracing my hermitude ~ better for me.
Day 32 ~ snake arms and shimmying ~ bellydance class.
Day 33 ~ a Kung Fu kind of day!
Day 34 ~ told by son ~ tired of college :~(
Day 35 ~ sewing spirals and applique-ing oak leaves
Day 36 ~ no words coming to play today
Day 37 ~ keep going, keep going, keep going!
Day 38 ~ Spring cleaning ~ windows open ~ snowdrops picked
Day 39 ~ cozy fire, listening to Nick Drake.
Day 40 ~ Magic lined up ~ Jupiter, Venus, Moon
DAY FORTY ONE!!! :~)))) Mind expanded, spirit fed, soul happy.


  1. You are Mrs Hibbs! I leave here inspired x

    1. Oh thank you :~))) I would so love to know where she went and what she did after she left us. x x x