Friday, 17 September 2010

Farewell Summer....

Hello Autumn.....

I love autumn. It makes me feel full of life and magic, but tinged with a poignant sadness around the edges....a longing, a wanting, but for what? Is it primal? I want to dance madly around a fire, ride a half-wild horse at full gallop over hilltops; run in a wood....probably howling.....with the full moon shining through branches that dance in time to the rapid tempo of my heart.
Wildness courses through me, carried by blood heated to boiling despite the cooling crispness of the autumn air.

As I sit here typing in the darkness, with only the light of the computer screen, I look out and see the gibbous moon shining her argentiferous light on a liquid silver sea and it makes me ache.


  1. oh, gosh, how i feel this sadness too ... despite my love for autumn. i've been trying to put my finger on this emotions, this sense ... and perhaps it has to do with the fading away of spring and summer, the recognition and slight fear of *death* or something like that. i'm not sure yet, but i'm wondering too. it's almost like nostalgia, and a recognition that another year has almost gone by.


  2. Hi Juliana...YES....nostalgia, and we have a word in Welsh- hiraeth - for a feeling, which is difficult to translate, but a whole load of nostalgia, yearning and poignancy comes close!

    I think you're right about the *death* too. It is an ending of something warm and light and growing, but an ending that is so beautiful and so kind it leaves us reaching out our arms trying to keep it in our grasp.