Saturday, 19 February 2011

~ Happy ~

Cyanotype ~ a blue that makes me want to dive in, inhale deeply and swim through its healing hue

Things that have made me happy these last couple of days ~

* Mr Blackbird singing his Spring song so sweetly
* Making bead and driftwood hangings in my studio
* Continuing to experiment with cyanotype....oh! I'm in love!...clever, clever Sir Mr Herschel
* Hand stitching on blue in front of the open fire while listening to an Art Show on the radio
* Being gifted a baby Kombucha ~ oh! oh! oh! Tooo long since I last made Kombucha tea....the whole   process so fundamentally satisfying
* Burning the rosemary and sage smudge stick I made
* Seeing the moon mere hours before she was full
* Snowdrops, primroses and crocuses in bloom in our garden
* The longer hours of daylight ~ eleven hours now ~ ~ ~
* Saving worms from drowning
* Finding a large one of these in the boot sale for 50 pence this morning
* Our Boy coming to give me a hug just now!
* Making delicious Chai Tea from scratch
* A synergy of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and clove smells wisping through our house, tantalizing noses, and teasing taste buds
* Preparing for a mini exhibition in the library showcase on March 1st
* Preparing items for Etsy
* Slowly, and with full attention, journeying through this lady's amazing blog
* Smelling the sweet smell of dusky pink primroses
* Wearing purple today
* Laughing with My Man
* Playing tug-o-war with Tilly~dog


  1. What a stunning feather!! And a baby kombucha! I'm curious how exactly one makes the tea?

    Your list is upbeat and wonderful. :)