Sunday, 27 February 2011

~ Out of the Clouds at Last ~

~ and back to earth ~

hands that have worked hard from the age of nine look
like this 41 years later!
The gold wedding ring was my mother's. She never took
it off and I was really upset that she could not keep
it with her when she died 25 years ago.  I keep it on my heart
finger to feel that much closer to her.

For nearly two weeks, we have been swimming in mist, and as much as I love clouds and could quite happily sit on one and float away for a while, in fact the clouds have been sitting on us, closing us in, keeping us blind and in the last days of it making us claustrophobic and antsy.

Yesterday, it lifted. We saw the sun....ohhhhh.....all day. I worked in the garden, weeding baby nettles from the greenhouse which have left the sensation of tiny hot~poker pinpricks under the skin of my hands; I love nettles so much and in the summer, those same stings help me control my hay~fever; I enjoyed the satisfaction of plunging my hands into compost made by us and our insect friends :~);  danced with two very large earth~worms (and My Man), sang along with Johnny and Ella and Louis  and wind~dried two wash loads.
The towels danced too ~ a most energetic twist ~

Today I'm singing this

What songs are you singing today?


  1. Hmmm, I think I'm singing a quiet song today, with so much going on to think about, I need a quiet hum. :) I could go for some birdsong.

    Your washing looks so happy!