Thursday, 16 June 2011

~ Around the Garden Thursday ~

I'm joining up with Farmama's 'Around the Farm', (or garden), again this week. Some things are growing wildly, others are quite slow....

Our lovely apple tree outside the doors of my shed has 
four apples this year...last year it had only one 

the borage is going mad ~

Courgettes slowed down when May and June turned cold

Raspberries are ripening ~ tra~la~la

Lady's Mantle is going mad too ~

Runner beans blossoming.....

...and climbing

Peas are blossoming....

....and climbing ~ ~ ~

Parsley has just been planted outside

In the greenhouse we have ~

a cherry tomato plant

and a beef tomato plant ~
these and the cucumbers are really slow this year

I couldn't take out that's so pretty

this lettuce is so delicious

Basil is finally growing....only two plants made it this year 
~ this is the bigger one. We had some in our salad tonight
....oh my it's good.

This Elder is eleven years old now. She seeded herself in a pot of mint I had
before we came to live here. I brought her here with us and planted her by the 
hedge. I did not know then that Ash trees (you can see them behind her) 
 are very hungry and take lots of nutrients from the ground around. I think 
maybe that is why she does not produce so many blossoms. I love having her
in our garden. It does not matter that she can't supply me with the flowers
 and berries I need through the year....

I had tried three times to grow lavender here, but it just did not like the
soil. Our friend who we house~sit for has wonderfully large and healthy
plants, so she gave me some of her - very sandy - soil to try once more.
This plant is thriving in its pot of sand and I love that we have lavender
in our garden ~

Thyme has tiny blossoms

and I'm so happy that Sage is flowering on and on


  1. heya, found you on farmama's comments!

    thanks for the sandy tip on lavender! I've never gotten any flowers on mine either! going to try it.

  2. Hi erinlee :~) Good luck with the lavender and thanks for calling in :~)

  3. Beautiful pictures. Blessings on you and your plants! A few years ago I rescued a Hawthorn seedling that had chosen to grow in the middle of our gravel drive. I grew it in a pot of its own until it was big enough to go outside. It now grows proudly by our front wall, touching everyone who passes, and is guarded by Egbert the Gnome.
    P.S. You can see my own attempts at growing veggies on my blog - The potatoes are now taking over my patio!!!!

  4. I didn't mean to post anonymously but it was the only way it would let me post!

  5. Oh! I rescued a baby hawthorn when I worked on a Willow farm and was weeding between the willows! It grows behind the willow arbour in our garden....again in competition with the ash trees sadly...but it is growing steadily.

    How lovely that yours touches everyone who passes...they are blessed.

    Blogger has a mind of its own it seems! Thank you for visiting :~)

  6. I am so jealous of your lavender! The only kind that grows and thrives in my climate is Spanish Lavender which is just used for the oils, not cooking. I can get English lavender to last one season only.

  7. ...growing your own food is one of the greatest joys of nature. Lovely to see your green thumbs work. or is it play.

  8. Beautiful... and I can smell the lavender. Somehow it grows here! The local garden center recommends putting a few handfuls of gravel in the hole under the roots. I forgot to do that, but still it does bloom. Its heavenly! So many gifts in your garden - enjoy!

  9. Your blog makes for a very enjoyable read - I shall return.

  10. Thank you for calling in and leaving lovely comments :~

    ~ Hi Tracey ~ I'm having difficulty with Echinacea here. This is my first year of trying...but they are not growing past the two leaf stage in the pots. I need to do some research.

    ~ Hi Gwen ~ isn't it though. Definitely play :~)))

    ~ Hi Valerianna ~ hmmm....I think that just might have something to do with how ~you~ are...they can feel it.

    ~ Hi Mr Heron ~ thank you :~)))

  11. Lots of wonderful things happening in your garden. We have a few plants that we put in and lots of weeds that I seem to attack everyday only to find that they have multiplied the next day.

  12. Thank you Trish :~)

    Hi Dean....that is the nature of weeds ~ are any of them herbs that you could use?

  13. hooray for the apples! we have an old apple tree going the other way. all of your images make me wish i had it in me to figure gardening out.

  14. Aaaah, your plants are much further along than ours are. I'm not sure that I knew that about lavender, but my plants have survived and we have VERY sandy soil. Now I know my secret!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful bountiful garden...

  15. Hi Cindy ~ thank you....I'm a real novice at this....but with friends who are really experienced to ask advice from :~) It's trial and error too, and some things grow really well, and others not at all. x x

    Hi W.S. ~ that sandy soil does seem to be the secret. I have more soil and a bigger pot ready for a re~potting when the time comes :~)) Thank you for calling in. x x

  16. LOVE your garden! i have yet to get one put in here but have been digging the space - nice to have my hands in the dirt :))