Wednesday, 8 June 2011

~ Making a Start ~ Blue Moon ~

I've 'invisible' basted the moons on to this velvet piece. They are coming 
out of an eclipse...hope I am too.
I've called it Blue Moon as stitching has been that rare recently.
The two scraps are pieces from the clothes I've been de-constructing.
I think of the darker one as a dark cloud with a silver lining.

I've pinned this onto the back...liking the idea of having a sun flare 
behind the moons. Not entirely sure about it yet though...need to live
with it for a few days.

Our Boy and Tilly joined me in my shed yesterday. Tilly was
She trusts completely :~)

A few loved pieces in a corner of the worktop.


  1. the velvet is a great background for your moons. and that back piece is great. i love turning a piece over and finding a grand surprise.

  2. Lovely moons... and quite the napping dog, how sweet....!

  3. these thready pieces of totally
    satisfying to me. it's really a wonder that i keep wondering, about the sense of pleasure fragments of cloth give
    what about this little stove i see?
    and the last photo...similar pleasure to the fragments of cloth...beautiful~

  4. Hi Deanna and thank you. Me too. I'm a little nervous about ruining it when I do the quilting, but I won't know till I try :~)

    Hi Valerianna...thank you. She is very sweet. She has many cat-like characteristics which we love :~)

    Hi Grace. Thank you. Fragments of cloth...I can't describe the feeling they give directly, but it's the same as I get from poetry, chocolate melting on my tongue, the smell of rose Damask or Orange Blossom...yes!

    The little Alice...'ll need to scroll down a little :~)

  5. I do wish Blogger gave a link option in the comments!

  6. those blue moons are wonderful- the whole piece! love the textures and the bits of brightness fading into the deep dark. i could look at this for a long time.

  7. As said on SEW, this piece is really great and I would want to ceiling hang it, so you can view the sun flare too! It would become kinetic as well then! Maybe it could be hung in a breeze so it twirls lol
    Im up in east yorkshire, where abouts are you?
    I agree, Im more a shed than workroom woman lol And can appreciate your emotional concerns too, went through much the same during the change, not lost exactly, but as if 'I' became misplaced.

    Looking back it could almost have been a cleansing of sorts...... although the husband took off with another just before it kicked in so that didnt help my self esteem lol
    I came to the conclusion it was a cleansing and a gifted chance to redirect and select what I wanted to spend my later years doing.
    Being the architypal ex wife etc or actually the person I knew I was, the Clarty, stitchy, interested in all sorts woman who no longer would be ruled by only, other folks needs and desires.
    Although Ive still fallen short, Im in a
    (personable)terraced 1903 house, when infact I should be in rural surroundings and within hearing distance or sight of the ocean.
    Now if I could rid myself of the need to pay the suburban bills, Id be in heaven lol
    Think positive, you do have the strength to heal yourself ................tho you may need the help of a fan from time to time! :)

  8. Nice seeing your work with colours.
    Hard to believe that the dog can sleep like that so quickly.

  9. the cloth is quite wonderful. an invisible stitch is a kind of quilting too.
    the boy is quite something.

  10. helen, i have seen your name all through sun class but never your blog. i love it.. it is wonderful. love seeing your flowers and stitching. will be a regular.

  11. oh, tilly! speechless here.

  12. Thank you Cindy :~)

    Hi Liniecat...I'm in south west Wales ~ Pembrokeshire :~) Glad you chose to live your way...and YES to thinking positive :~)))

    Hi Dean...she is just like a cat in that she can sleep all day! She can run and play all day too though!

    Thank you Jude...I've been stitching for most of the happy about that...still very s-l-o-w though. Oh! Yes...I noticed how the invisible stitch is like subtle quilting. The boy really is quite something :~)(He liked that you said that).

    Oh Linda...your SUN...well, all of it...I'll be back over in a minute to comment! Thank you for visiting.

    Hi Brooke...I KNOW :~))))

  13. Tilly - how is this possible? SUCH a delight! And your handwork is STUNNING. I love the energy of it. A powerful piece.

  14. Thank you for your kind words W.S. :~))