Friday, 15 July 2011

~ Y Lleuad Gwair ~

My Man took this last night
~ sigh ~


  1. there's an Umbilical circle ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, that's beautiful!

  3. Helen! So so beautiful. A nice perk, having a man who's an astonomer! xo

  4. Wow Helen! This is amazing. Really beautiful. We had total cloud cover down here, so didn't get to see the Full Moon at all. It has felt really powerful the last few days though.

  5. For the past two nights, I have tucked myself onto the beach next to the atlantic ocean, to watch the full moon be birthed from the sea! first night it was pink, and last night, orange. I can't wait to share pictures when I get home! The photo above is so beautiful!!

    cariad mawr, xo brooke

  6. wow, what a man....what a moon! catching up on blogs a bit- learn so much here- liked seeing you in action!

  7. that's a heck of a shot!

    we have super clear skies up here in the Montenegrin mountains, so i often get a great view of the moon. although we get lots of cloud too, so it depends. :)

  8. ~ Thank you Amanda, Trish, Hawthorne, and Sam ~

    ~ Hi Grace....YES!!! Isn't it something. Thank you.

    ~ Hi Peggy, thank really is...last night we were out in his observatory seeing an Eagle, a Swan, double stars, double~double stars, then just lay down and looked at the whole of it...Ohhhh x x

    ~ Hi Brooke ~ thank you. I loved seeing your moons...I can still see them in my mind. Cariad mawr, xxx

    ~ Hi Cindy ~ thank you....YES! He is :~))) Thanks for visiting.

    ~ Hi Monica ~ thank you. For some reason I thought you were in America...until I went reading more about you on your blog after I'd left my comment. It sounds incredibly beautiful where you are....and a great place to bring up young ones.

    My Man says thank you to everyone here too :~)

  9. the patterns go on and on and on... i could get lost in this..

    so nice to have a Man with wings!

    what does the Welsh mean?

  10. We like 'Man with wings' :~)))

    The Welsh means 'The Hay Moon'