Sunday, 8 January 2012

~ Blwyddyn Newydd Dda ~ Happy New Year ~ and some Magic ~

Moon Rings
photo by Mark Lee

I have been wanting to ~ and tried to ~ start writing here again for some time. I even have a few draft posts but they just do not feel right.

There is the courteous, well~mannered part of me that wants to explain my absence and lack of communication with people who have asked about me....and then there is the part that feels private and protective about what has gone on with me for the last nearly six months.

I will just say that I had a scare, I became even more reclusive than usual, I am taking Essiac herbs daily, and leave it at that.

Thank you so much to you lovely people who did ask...and I am sorry I did not get back to you. For a while there I became depressed and did not act as I would usually.

Tilly, our gorgeous little dog, has had a rough ride too, but, she is now on four tablets a day, and the seizures are much less frequent thankfully.

And now on to brighter and happier things ~ ~ ~

I have a new word for this year....magic....I want it back in my life; that wonder, excitement and joy for the little going out to the garden yesterday and seeing the daffodil leaves well above the ground, the snowdrops just peeping out their silvery greenness, the hazy, very nearly full moon out there tonight...the things that put a smile in my heart, so big that I don't feel I'll be able to contain it...THAT kind of magic.

My Man and I have a motorbike again :~))))))))))))) Now Our Boy is driving himself in his own car, we have gratefully gone back to two wheels. It is such FUN, and I have the widest grin on my face from the time I get on the back and hold on tight to my love, until we stop and I get off. 

I have gone back to rebounding.....bouncing and dancing to music wildly first thing in the morning gets good energy moving a treat.

It is time my camera became my constant companion again....since August I have taken only a handful of photos...unheard of!!!

My Man has just come to tell me that he has looked up ferry crossings to France in March....and we are going to go...on the bike....wheeeeeee.....ROAD~TRIP and BOAT~TRIP

Hope you are having a good and magic first week of 2012

Cariad Mawr



  1. Glad you are back ...and have found magic again.
    Wishing you a very Happy New

  2. Helloo Trish....thank you, and a very Happy New Year to you x x x

  3. Glad you are feeling much better again...that the magic is returning. That is so important in our lives isnt it?
    Beautiful photo (thank you) and how exciting a bike/boat trip to France. I'm dreaming of France now!

    Jacky xox

  4. May you and Tilly continue to feel better and better! I know folks who had great luck with Essiac.

  5. I was so excited to see you back! I am glad you are feeling better (Tilly too). I understand how the days can turn into months. Have fun on the road trip. The lighting on the photo is beautiful.

  6. Thank you Jacky....let us both dream of France :~) x x

    Thank you is very good to hear that...and I too am experiencing the benefits already :~) x x

    Hey hey Nancy.....thank you so much :~) x x

  7. Hi Helen!!! I am so excited for you and your Magic!! so happy to read your words here... positive fun to look forward to.. Yay!!

  8. Only do, and share, what feels right to you. No need to explain. :)

    A trip on the motorbike sounds amazing!! May the magic continue for you throughout the year.

  9. Yesterday, I actually said aloud, "I wonder how Helen-Buzz is? I hope she's ok." And here you are! and sounding strong and magical. (I should have said it out loud sooner.) wishing you wild wonderful adventures on your wheels this year and many more. (I used to give people a dollar for gas to take me on rides during college).

  10. Welcome back to blogland! You were missed. And now you're making me miss my motorbike. They really aren't family-friendly vehicles, though, are they?

    Here's to the magic of dancing and motorbiking and creating and life...

  11. Hi Gwen....thank you ~ YAY :~))) x x

    Thanks Amanda.....quite surprising how strong a compulsion it was to explain!

    Hey sent the magic here with your question :~) Thank you for asking.... I love that you had bike rides when you were in college...wildchild :~)

    Thank you so much, definitely not family-friendly...although at one point we had two motorbikes and our young 'un rode on the back with his dad. Hoping you have the chance to ride again soon :~)))

  12. there is so much magic out there for you, helen. coming to drift across your plane.

    xo cariad mawr! brooke

  13. Hey hey Brooke :~)

    YES! I lost sight of it for a while, but isn't that how life is with its peaks and troughs.

    I'm thrilled to bits with your happy news :~))))))

    cariad mawr x x x

  14. Glad your feeling brighter..onwards and upwards.

  15. magic is the word, may you be wrapped in it, xx

  16. glad to see you are back and you picked the perfect word for this year. i'm sending some magical thoughts your way.

  17. Helen, missed you!

    The moon photo is glorious -- that man of yours is something, I tell you. I'm so glad you've returned to spread your magic around a little! xo -- Peggy

  18. Hi Lyn....yes! and thank you :~)

    Hey Jude....thank you. I hope's a good word isn't it.

    Hi Deanna....I think Otis just delivered those magic thoughts :~))) ....thank you.

    Hi Peggy....YES! He really is. Thank you....I have much, much, to be grateful for. You know, I think of you every time I go into the greenhouse and see the st john's wort oil...which I have not strained off :~( It is a beautiful colour though :~)

  19. Glad you are still in the land of the living. We were wondering about you. Really sorry that we could not connect when we were in Wales. We had great hikes in sun and blowing rain. Such adventures. Hope to see and hear more of you now that you have started communicating again. The bike trip to France should be a great opportunity to blog and record via photos.

  20. Hey hey Dean.......I regret the missed opportunity to meet up with you and Fleur-Ange, but I was not good company at the time! I'm so glad you enjoyed Wales....she can be quite exciting and dramatic can't she :~) I am so looking forward to the light in France....

    Cariad mawr to you both :~) x x

  21. OH YES!...i have kept checking and finally....
    here you are!
    So happy that things have come around........
    love, grace

  22. GRACE.....HELOOOOO :~))))))

    Yes......things have come all good rings :~))))))
    thank you for visiting x x x

  23. Enjoy the magic, it's the best kind. Wishing you a wonderful 2012! :)

    1. Hey hey Karen :~) Thank you, and yes, it is the very best kind of magic. :~)