Thursday, 26 January 2012

~ Clear skies ~ St Dwynwen's ~ and a bit of a sociable day ~

My Man had told me of this astro event more than a week ago,
 and we were so hoping for clear skies.
This is what we saw at dusk.
It helped to 'fill the well'

 Crescent moon and venus
at one and seven o' clock

Yesterday was St Dwynwen's Day...our Welsh equivalent of St Valentines day, but without any of the commercialism. Because of that, I love to celebrate this day of cariad, and made my love a card ~

 The linen base and next layer of silk were dyed
in a pot of old, dried bay leaves. The heart ~ green
(for the heart chakra) ~ from a velvet thrifted skirt

We had tea, (blackberry and blueberry), in one of our favourite cafes and talked about art and writing, and the great special offer I purchased at Jude's Small Journeys that morning. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and was so happy to finally manage it :~))) ~ They are are all her classes....even her pdf's are beautiful ~

On Monday we had a most sociable day...very unusual for us....and we enjoyed it. We had gone to Cardigan to visit the dentist, and afterwards happened to meet My Man's boss from years ago, when he used to be a printer. We went in to the printshop and there, after 18 years, still attached to the wall with yellowing, aged tape, were My Man's line~drawings!

Later I asked him if he had come face to face with his younger self in there....

We also had a chance meeting with a friend we had not seen for a long time, who's book we promoted in the bookshop we used to have in Cardigan over 13 years ago. 

We went to this art cafe to catch~up with lots of his news....
I had mocha coffee...oh yummm

that's him on the left. The gentleman on the right joined us and we had a 
most interesting conversation about building with lime , WWll bomber 
planes(!), and what our friend had planned for tonight (Thursday).

A visit with a friend who shared her delicious lunch of home made tomato soup and humus rounded off this rather companiable day. 

Cardigan was abloom with happy~making pansies :~)

We were lucky to see this, as later the clouds came in and the wet 
stuff came back.


  1. what a lovely loving time, with venus watching over.

  2. What a treat.... a day out socialising with your man! And then to make it even better getting the special two workshops with Jude! You will enjoy them so much.
    Gorgeous card you made your loved one.

    Jacky xox

    1. Hi Jacky...yes....I'm loving every minute of them...they make me sing with happiness :~))) Thank you for liking my card ~

  3. what a beautiful the line

    1. Thanks was so good to see them after all this time. It was like going into a time warp....

  4. Beautiful card! I had a clear out of old, out of date, unused herbs and spices the other week - why didn't I think of using them to dye stuff???!

    Have a blessed week! x

    1. Thank you. I nearly threw these into the compost...only caught myself at the last glad I'll remember next time :~)))

  5. Lovely blog with great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh this is a most interesting post.. I love Crescent moons.. hope your Valentines day was a lovely one for the two of you!! and what a beautiful reminder of days gone by to see the drawings again.. cheers!

    1. Thank you Gwen. I'm late finding you here! I love Crescent moons too (and full), but Crescent is my favourite :~)