Wednesday, 13 June 2012

~ Ghosts From My past ~

This is The Mill, where I was brought up and my father and step-mum still live. When my father bought the property over 40 years ago, the mill had stopped operating as a flour mill, and the water wheel had only just been sold. It came with a fairly large house, out-buildings, which were used as stables by my father, and about ten acres.....beautiful fields with the river Ceri as a boundary, and deciduous woods whispering at the edges.

Forty six years on, and lack of maintainance has resulted in the rear wall completely falling away from the building.....I am sad about it. She is over 100 years old, and holds over ten years of my memories......precious childhood memories......she was a fantastic playhouse, with a fireplace in the corner under the stairs that went up....there are also stairs that go down.....I had an old rusty kettle hanging on a chain over the 'fire', an old broken teapot.....and a plastic tea set. I provided 'teas' for very many imaginary friends over the years.....

~ I remember ~

Races and roadtrips on a BSA Bantam 125 
and a Triumph 350 twin

Another kind of triumph from a grey plastic sword
of battles fought and always won.

A pilots helmet ~ faded blue cloth ~ 
for flying,
always flying.

A foxy teapot,
a rusty iron kettle on a chain
suspended over cold ashes,
~always tea and a warm welcome,
a traditional Croeso.

Water birds in glass cases
stuffed in a pose of forever.

Old sickles and scythes with
sharp blades and
woodwormed handles.

Chests of drawers,
Dressing tables,
and C.S. Lewis wardrobes

And beautiful old mirrors,
with dusty, rust~spot surfaces,
reflecting echoes of it all.


  1. Oh beautifully you have shared your precious memories. What an enchanting space to spend your childhood. Dreamy.

    1. Thank you Nancy....I was so lucky.

  2. What a wonderful place to live as a child ( and an adult! )... what special memories you hold.x

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories.

  4. you have such lovely memories and goings-ons in your world.

  5. I always loved the life I had as a child....even then appreciating all that wild nature I was so lucky to be immersed in. It was only later I found out that not everyone had the same, so it became even more precious to me.

    Thanks Cindy x x

  6. i am in love with this post! how often are you able to visit? any chance of repair? the memories are what matters though... xo

    1. Hey Dru, I missed this. Thank you.

      I only visit twice or three times a year. I don't interfere. Yes, the memories ~ they remain and sustain. x x