Wednesday, 6 June 2012

~ Venus leaving Sol ~

Little black dot at about 1 o'clock

Venus leaving Sol.....

after a long sweeping caress of his brow, not to be repeated for another 105.5 years.

Mark and I went zooming off on the motorbike at about 4:45am, hoping to find a window of blue in the thick bank of solid cloud on the horizon. We were on our way back home, resigned, thinking we would watch it live from Hawaii, as we had done for part of the night, when that magic window opened...just in that one spot!

A rush to get the biking gear off, the camera and filter out of the bag, and up onto a stone wall to see above the hedge. We were as excited as children as old Sol played with us, and finally, finally, just as she was saying her lingering farewell, a whole minute of snapping shots :~)))) 
Happy Pembrokeshire Astronomer and Mrs Pembs :~))))


  1. todays cloudy sky showed us only few minutes of venus dancing on sun. very beautiful and visible once in life time. if we were on other planet say jupiter then earth may also look like a small spot on the sun.

    1. Thank you for visiting Tina :~))))

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    1. Hey really was :~)))

  3. Thank you Trish... x x x

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    1. Hey...missed this. Thanks Jude x x x