Saturday, 30 October 2010

~ Samhain ~

Ash trees have lost their leaves;
Only their keys
Hang dark and stark
Like the silhouette of inverted bats,
With thin witch-finger branches
Clawing up
Into a deepening azure dusk.




Today, I went out to our local car boot sale and later, a supermarket, dressed like this:

Off to get the broomstick

I enjoyed it so much! I think there's a little touch of a thespian in there somewhere! What I found interesting though was the range of reactions from people when they noticed how I was dressed. 

Most, I am glad to say, smiled; some asked me where did I get my lady sang it to me :~) Others laughed and delightedly said how much they loved how I looked ~ that made me happy * There were a sad few who looked in derision, scorn and had cross, unfriendly faces, and one pretty lady who said she liked my hat then laughed nastily? I felt strong enough to take it today or I would not have gone out looking like this, but it did make me wonder what their lives must be like that they reacted that way. It made me think of all sorts of reasons and excuses for them. Maybe they are having a really hard time. Maybe they are ill. Maybe someone they love is ill. Anyway, I send them love and hope they find happiness.

My favourite one was a little boy in the supermarket who turned to his mum with huge eyes and whispered "Mum, there's a witch" :~) I had such a pleasant little chat with him, which made my day.


~ Happy Samhain ~






  1. The little fella will probably always remember this... and I bet you made his day too.

    Happy Samhain to you... and your fun-loving spirit!

  2. I love the look of mischief you're sporting in that first photo. How wonderful to bring smiles to those you pass during the day. And reflection on why others could not find their smiles. You certainly brought me a smile :-)

    Happy Samhain...

  3. Hi Gwen ~ and thank the very clever make-up job you did on your son last year! :~)

    Hi Wabi-Sabi Wanderings ~ thank you ~ and for the smile :~)

  4. oh Helen, wonderful addition of the skulls!... this is a a very fitting means to display them..

  5. You look gorgeous as a witch! A wise and good witch.

    Happy Samhain to you. Here in New Zealand it is not Samhain but Beltane, and every thing is bursting with green.

  6. oh, i love this! so wonderful ... and seasonally appropriate! i just watched practical magic ... jeremy looked all over town for a copy of the movie so we could watch it ... and what you write here reminds me of the film, the derision and scorn with which the locals regarded the women. i would say people are afraid ... not of you, but of themselves.

    much love!!


  7. ~ thank you Gwen :~)

    ~ hi Anne-Marie ~ thank you for your visit. I think of your green while we are in grey! Love your natural forming dreads :~)

    ~ oh Juliana, Practical Magic is such favourite :~) I agree about the fear people have.