Tuesday, 15 February 2011

~ Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down ~

The Spring flowers in our garden have blossomed ~ oh! so happy ~

Our local library had one of its booksales starting today. How we love to go browsing through the rows and rows of volumes laid out, spine up, on tables in the library's circular gallery. All the people there have an air of reverence about them, and a subterranean ripple of excitement vibrates around the room in anticipation of finding treasure.....for just 50pence a book. Sigh.

I found this one and couldn't resist. Just the title and the first line of the introduction 'Put a cup of tea in your hand and what else can you do but sit down?' made me smile, and once we arrived home, we did just that!
Another delightful find was a book on grasses....trees, wild flowers, fungi, I have in abundance, but not O.N.E. on grasses....and there are so many to identify. I'm thinking there will be fun this summer....

Another was an Acupressure book. I already have a few of these, but believe so totally in this therapy that I cannot resist picking up each book I see. This one sold itself to me by opening on a page whose contents are most relevant to me.....menopausal problems ~ hot flushes...Ha! An interesting sensation.

I'm off to look through, stroke softly and inhale deeply the aroma of my new additions.....aaahhh ~ books ~

Happy Tuesday~
Cariad mawr
H x

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  1. I'm off to check out that book on Amazon. You're right - the title is totally irresistable! :)