Sunday, 6 March 2011

~ Treasures from a Bootsale ~

Yesterday was such a good day. Vinyl power is back in our house. Our last turntable broke down months ago, and I have been waiting patiently for the right one to come along. I was dancing up and down when My Man found this and grabbed me to 'come look'. It has a little pull-out turntable and can even be run on batteries...perfect...sigh. Last night was spent with a smile on my face as friends, long locked away behind cupboard doors, burst into tuneful freedom and tickled my auricular fancy.

The Polaroid is the sixth one I have found for less than £2 over the last few years. I can't resist them.....even though I think this one is the first that will take the film from the Impossible Project....I've yet to check on that, but it is 600 ~ so now all I have to do is justify the cost of the film and hope that I get somewhere close to the results of this lady, and this lady, aaaaaand this lady. I would like to have fun trying anyway.

The little sweetie is a V.P. could I resist....and I'm hoping to have fun with this too!

Love this.

Six Polaroids and a Kodak

~ And I'm so happy with my new turquoise and lapis lazuli blog colours ~

Cariad Mawr

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  1. Treasures indeed! We have a whole wall of records, which my husband could find his way through blindfolded. It his collection, and there is no better sound than vinyl. It has character.

    The lovely new blog colours brought a smile to my face :-)