Tuesday, 8 March 2011

~ International Women's Day ~

Celebrating International Women's Day with
Ishtar ~ goddes of all that comprises woman ~
Diana and Venus
Alchemilla vulgaris ~ Lady's mantle ~ 'women's best friend'

Being a woman...how I love being a woman. I love that we nurture and care; are intuitive and aware of our loved one's needs; are homemakers and multi~taskers, makers and creatresses(!), feeders and lovers, healers.

I am so glad that I have knowledge of healing. I am so glad that when Our Boy was coughing in his sleep last night, I knew to grab the nearest bottle of Lavender essential oil (I have a few) and massage just one drop into the hollow of his throat and that in less than five minutes he was cough free and sleeping restfully for the rest of the night. I am so glad that when he woke up today and was complaining of a painful shoulder, I knew how to first, massage the muscles as deeply as he could tolerate with my choice of essential oils, in this instance Black Pepper, Rosemary and Lavender (it gets used for so much), and secondly, apply a hot compress with essential oils of Chamomile Roman and Lavender, finishing off with a light and soothing massage. I am so glad that when we have flu or colds, I know to treat us with these.

I was fascinated by my thought process a couple of months ago when Our Boy had a very bad flu and his tongue became dry, cracked and bleeding. It was like watching a film in fast forward as ideas flashed from the memory banks...to be rejected as not quite right until the aha moment of  ~ honey as a carrier....healing and soothing in its own right....with a drop of calendula absolute....so beneficial for healing inflamed and cracked skin. I was thrilled to bits when it had worked its magic by that night. 
It was the same when a friend recently badly damaged his hand and the corrective surgery had left deep scarring, which needed to be kept soft and supple. It was a joy to me to be able to delve deeply into intuition and knowledge and produce a cream that has been a great success.

This is not at all what I had in mind to write to honour International Woman's Day. I was going to write about goddesses, and trees ruled by Venus, and specific women's herbs, but all the above just flowed out and, really, it is a huge part of who I am as a woman. It is my life. It is what I do. And I am glad.


  1. Oh, one day I hope to know even more about healing herbs and oils. I am learning bit by bit from my garden, where I grow chamomile, lavender, st-john's, thyme, fennel, echinacea and many other things. I love hearing about your healing hands!

    One of my favorite things to watch are the old Brother Cadfael movies. Do you know them?

  2. Hi Brooke ~ thank you :~) You have echinacea...that's wonderful...do you make a tincture out of it? I need to get some seeds or a plant to see if it will grow here.

    I do know of the Brother Cadfael movies, though I've only seen the odd one here and there as we do not have a tv. Love the fact that he's a herbalist, and of Welsh origins :~) and love, love, love Derek Jacobi!

    ~ Happy Woman's Day ~

  3. Oh, Helen!!
    I had forgotten about your blog--that it is the place we can find you these days. I love this post! It's so YOU!
    I have always treasured the lovely way you express yourself. Missing you!
    Muck love to you and Mark and Jac and Tillie!
    Chris is in London this week, but I know he sends his love too.

  4. oh, i love this too! and, i LOVE that you know so many healing modalities. i have a few books but hope one day to take a class with hands on training - and, trust my intuition! i think that might be the best thing of all and I love that you do!! :))

  5. Hellooooo Gia and Maggie ~

    Gia we are all smiling at you and tell Chris we were waving from over the border at him :~)))

    Oh Maggie do take a course. I'm fully qualified as a masseuse and aromatherapist, but had to give up due to expense on the herbalism...but took an evening class and learned so much. You would love it. :~)))

  6. Found your blog! Looking forward to reading more.
    (What do you use for winter dry cracked feet?)

  7. Helloo Dean :~) I'll come back to you with that one....we have all come down with nasty colds and I'm having to put all this into practice...the irony!!