Friday, 18 March 2011

~ Why I won't have a new cooker ~

One day, not long after we moved here over nine years ago, I came home from working on the Willow farm and found that My Man had been busy.

We moved here from a static caravan where, for cooking, we had this, and the little cooker we had when we lived in this, (we lived in several rather unusual spaces until we came here).

I loved what he had built around our little cooker, and still do, so I do not want to lose it to a new  super~duper oven. It gets interesting at times, when more than two burners would be useful, but I manage with a bit of juggling.

The old cutlery tray was my grandmother's
We use driftwood for many things:

door pulls. 
My Man made this cupboard for me out of bits of things he
had about the place.
It hangs in our bathroom.

knife and spoon racks.
He made the knife one, I copied him
and made the spoon one.

We enjoy making from things around us. It is much more satisfying than buying and usually it's more original too.
What do you like to make from things you find lying around?


  1. Oh my gosh, those are so great! I looove driftwood. My grandmother collected it from our lake cabin each summer, and I have a special brooch she made from a nice little piece of it.

    Tim and I build a lot of things for the garden from branches: trellises and teepees. We need to build new ones this spring and I think we're going to use bamboo this time. Someone I know has a big plot of it and doesn't mind if we cut it. :)

  2. Fabulous... I love it... the simplicity and the naturalness is so lovely.

  3. Wonderful! So full of warmth and character. We also love making things with found or salvaged items. It's a delightful challenge seeing items in new ways. Now, what you've done here with the knife and spoon racks? AWESOME! I have a stash of driftwood that has been waiting for inspiration. And you, my friend, have just inspired me!

  4. Hi Brooke...thank you. Would love to see your must be beautiful. Oh! and so good about the bamboo plot. Love it when that happens.

    Hi good to see you :~)) I'm sure I'm not the only one missing you so thank you for dropping in and for your lovely words :~)

    Hi W.S....ha ha ~ thank you and so glad you've been inspired....can't wait to see what you make. You can imagine I'm sure how I felt when I first saw that knife rack he'd made. Enjoy :~)

  5. Helen ~ you can partially see the driftwood brooch here. :)

  6. oops, here's the link: