Sunday, 20 March 2011

~ Spring Equinox Walk ~

A happy, bounding Tilly from two weeks ago

Tilly and I went on our monthly walk with Jude and Dilwyn today. It is our first meeting this year and it was so good to be back...I think our last one was October last year.

This mistbow spread its magic over Newport (Pembs) for over an hour. It's arch was low and long, and at times its colours were really subtle and faded. Jude and I thought it a most appropriate symbol to welcome the Vernal Equinox.

We had intended to go here:

Carn Ingli ~ Angel Mountain, but it did not want our company today, so we went from Newport to Nevern on the Plgrim's Walk, feeling it's ancient past as we walked in ghostly footsteps.

I found the cottage and its surroundings that I had described from my imagination, in my notebook when I was eighteen, as my perfect place to live.

Tilly did one of her favourite things ~ swimming after sticks thrown into the river...oh and her MOST favourite thing....rolling in badger shit...hmmmm.

When we reached Nevern, we sat in the peaceful churchyard, with the music of the brook and birdsong for company, and drank my Chai tea and Jude's soooo delicious profiteroles.

Hope you have a wonderful Equinox too.

Cariad mawr
H x


  1. It looks like you three had a perfect equinox!! That tumbledown house would be a great place to move into and get to know as you gently fixed it up ~ For some reason two books are popping into my head as I read your post: Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees, by Roger Deakin; and A book of Silence, by Sara Maitland. In both, the authors live in small houses and Sara's looks just like the one in your photo. Wildwood is so good as he explores the history of trees as far back as there is memory: there used to be a Treehenge by Stonehenge. You may already know that but I was intrigued. We used to have so many Old Growth forests in the States but all that is gone now. I have seen the redwoods, however. :)

    On Saturday we watched the full moon rise over the mountains and yesterday I went back and hiked there (Hawk Mountain is about an hour's drive.) Tons of squeeky chipmunks and lots of Black Vultures soaring so beautifully! And I had completely forgotten it was the Equinox!

    Tilly is so joyful and boisterous as she runs ~ there's nothing so close to flying ourselves as to watch our dogs do it.

    :) Brooke

  2. Hi Brooke,
    I'm so glad these books were popping into your head as I do not know them (can you believe that?)and I'm always hungry for a good read...thank you. The Treehenge I did know about, and we have been to Stonehenge a few times. I prefer Avebury has more 'feeling' there for me and you are still able to touch the stones and walk among them...they have roped off Stonehenge.

    That little house and whole place was completely isolated and private, with the woods around it and the stream in front of it. Someone is possibly making a start on renovating as the ground was being cleared around it, and Jude and I were so hoping they will do it sensitively and NOT turn it into an ordinary box like so many sadly do. Jude tried to buy it many years ago, but the farmer would not sell at the time. It was my first sighting, and I fell for it too.

    You are so lucky to have seen the moonrise on Saturday....clouds rolled in with us in the late afternoon....often the way of it here :~( We had a beautiful viewing of it on Friday though :~)

    How wonderful your Equinox day sounds too, (isn't it great that you did that even though you'd forgotten!)and those squeeky chipmunks sound so fun. I feel the same for our Red Kites as you do about your Black Vultures. My body might be on the ground, but my spirit is right up there with them whenever I see them....and yes :~) my heart flies with Tilly when she runs like this :~)))

  3. I usually try to celebrate the changes of seasons so I don't know how I forgot on Sunday. Maybe I didn't really, you're right. :)

    Another thing that happened was a little mouse was checking out my backpack because I was sitting so still at the top of the mountain. He almost ran over my shoe.

  4. I love the image you have given me of you sitting so still and that inquisitive little mouse looking for a tasty morsel....your smile must have been a mile wide :~))))....mine is just thinking about it :~) Here's to stillness...