Saturday, 23 April 2011

~ Gardening, Stitching, Car Boot Sale Goodies, A Saved Basket, and A Misty Walk ~

The garden is bursting into life with:

the first Welsh Poppy to bloom this year,

Lady's Smock which most welcomely
self~seeded here a couple of years ago
and has now spread to the whole length
of the garden,

the five cauliflowers I planted in the greenhouse back in the
autumn are growing little so cute :~)

The sage has big fat promises just waiting to open into blooms
for the first time since I planted her.
I found Lesser Celendine, only two days after saying I didn't
 have any, in two pots that had 'just earth' in
them in the greenhouse. I planted them out in the garden
and they are doing year there will be green hearts
and little yellow stars reaching up happy faces to
the big star in the sky.

Also in the greenhouse so far, lettuce, courgettes, 
 peas, basil, and runner beans have sprouted 
and I'm still waiting hopefully for the cucumber.

Mama Blackbird has been coming to feed a mere four
steps from where I sit with my studio doors open.
Her partner sings to her and us all day.

Stitching is coming along, but it's time to start other heart whisperings too....

I found a face. I'm trying to embelish the eyes, eyebrows, nose
and mouth with stitch and finding it a little tricky. Eyesight
changing from 'I-can-do-really-close-work' myopic, to, well
I'm not sure what exactly, but I can't see close up like I used to :~(

Car boot sale finds have been varied and interesting. I gasped when I saw this
gorgeous reel filled with copper wire.

Also found that day were this oh-so-lovely wooden box and
Cat ~ in CD and vinyl ~ I've been singing along and dancing
ever since!

The willow basket,  bag from Equador and vintage pan and brush
set were just too beautiful to resist, and the top, I bought for the
material and its mother of pearl buttons, which I like to

This great, strong willow basket, perfect for logs, was saved from a pile
of rubbish waiting for the refuse lorry to collect it on Wednesday!!
How I love recycling what other people throw out.

On Sunday, Tilly and I went for our monthly walk with our friends
Jude and Dilwyn again. This time it was coastal and we were warmly
enclosed in mist for most of it. It created a deep quiet and stillness,
making us speak in hushed, reverend tones.
The gorse scented the air with its coconut smell, redolent of summer
and hot sunny beaches, and patches of bluebells and wood anemones
told us that this was once woodland. Sea campions and violets were at their best.
An otherwordly sound; a haunting base~note floated to us, carried on the foggy 
dew~drops, making the tiny hairs of neck and arms stand on end.
It came again, and then again, calling to us, drawing us closer.
We recognised the eerie cry of a mating female
could resist such longing, such a compelling summoning.
We certainly couldn't and we were rewarded with the hazy
forms of a few of them as they languished on a small rock
in the sea far below us. It made for a magic day, that settled
deep into our bones and will stay, a reminder of how beautiful
an island we are so very fortunate to live on.


  1. a great and oh so FULL glimpse of a small bit
    of your life...thank you, buzz.
    and we have twin chairs, i think....

  2. It is rather a long post isn't it!! Our chairs have finally given up though Grace, and this will be their last summer. New ones will be made soon :~)

  3. I haven't seen your blog before, but oh! what a treasure of gentleness, joy whimsy and energy, it makes just want to keep reading....alas, other things call, so later.

    I'm thinking of joining Jude's sun, moon and stars, and was pleased to see you signed up nervously for Whispering Hearts...I tend to think everyone but me sails confidently into these things, but often we all feel the same underneath, don't we?

  4. Such a burst of happiness and joy.. You have such a fine Heart. I love everything about this!

  5. Hi Nanette and thank you so much for such lovely words :~) I agree, and think possibly many people don't feel terribly confident, especially when what they are doing is not familiar. So glad you are joining in Jude's classes ~ it is such an encouraging community.

    ~ Thank you so much have made my heart smile in happiness :~)))

  6. Thank you Brooke :~))) x