Tuesday, 10 May 2011

~ April Crescent Moon ~

My Man and I went down to Newgale.
The moon was brightly crescent
in the wake of a rosy sunset.
I raced up the stones
to see the beach.
There wasn't one.

The tide was swollen and full.
The sea, wild ~ powerful,
with waves furiously chasing each other,
the hunter catching the hunted
with a resounding crash
against the pebbles,
before dragging it helplessly back,
stealing its breath
with a whoosh,
then doing it all again,
over and over
in the rhythm of
deepest time.

With energy high,
I danced weightlessly
over sliding stones
and gathered gifts left from a previous tide,
a higher one,
a Super Perigee Moon tide.

Driftwood and heart~stones filled
arms and pockets
until the dusk turned to night
and details crept and seeped
into one another,
hiding until the dawn.

Other gifts were waiting,
and we watched as
Orion, Taurus,
Cassiopeia (my favourite),
and The Plough
slowly switched on their distant
time~travelled light.
6th April, 2011


  1. ...."in the rhythm of deepest time", I like that... I watched the slow turning of the stars last night with a friend who is a big wig planetary geologist. He was impressed with my dark sky, though only a bit of it can be seen from the clearing in the forest. I never really learned the constellations, so it was fun to learn a few - and, of course, the dazzling moonlight!

  2. Thank you Valerianna ~ even a bit of dark sky is precious these days....we don't do too badly here, but it is nowhere near the dark we grew up with. Isn't it great to learn the constellations...I knew quite a few, but have learnt much more about astronomy in the years I've been with my Man. YES!! that dazzling moonlight....seductive and so mysterious :~))