Saturday, 9 July 2011

~Magic Diaries and Flower Essences~

Friday was the beginning of Jude's Magic Diaries class, although you can join any time I think. I have been thinking about what I will try to create with this slow, possibly large cloth. Yesterday, an idea that I was really excited about ka~boomed into my head. Herbs. Herbal plants used in every way, from medicinal tinctures to infusions, to essential oils to flower remedies....these are as magic as it gets for journals are filled with the making of these potions. I have an idea for the centre...the great, and versatile Mother Elder. I have many favourites, but she is at the top of the list. The list is long, so maybe the cloth will turn out to be quite large. Then, I thought of secret little pockets here and there in the cloth...and the idea came to fill those little pockets with dried aromatic herbs...Lavender was predominant. Now, it remains to be seen if my abilities are equal to my ideas....

The Evening Primrose is in bloom and it made me think of two years ago, when I made a flower essence from it...and wrote about it in my journal....

Moon magic Evening Primrose Flower Essence


  1. Sounds like a wonderful path to follow... I look forward to seeing the results!

  2. oh! i've been thinking so much about Mother Elder! i have a feeling are journeys will all cross-pollinate. xxo

  3. Sounds absolutely wonderful.x

  4. Gosh that looks so amazing - I hope you post some more on your Cloth. xx

  5. This is beauty full. and i love the idea of
    little pockets...
    this could go in so many directions, so many
    ways and also be a lifetime i am
    hoping mine will become...slow, with such
    i really love this idea.

    i have always been in awe of those who make
    these essences, oils, i will love to read
    here any and all you write about that.

    much love,

  6. Mmmmm, the cloth sounds so...healing. I am sure that it will grow from your hands into a stunning piece of visual beauty, replete with the scents of Mother Earth. The sense of Mother Earth.


  7. it's been the longest time since i made some flower-moon water. this makes me smile.
    will you make more this season?

  8. Hi do I...ahem! Hoping I'll manage something anyway :~)x

    Hi that...our journeys will all cross-pollinate; and isn't Mother Elder lovely to ponder on :~)x

    Thank you Trish x

    Thanks Jacqui...I am hoping to... x

    Hi Grace...thank you. I'm hoping for the lifetime cloth with this too. I've been thinking of putting on a separate page for the essences...there are quite a few, so I need to get to it! x

    Thank you W.S....oh I do hope so...that is exactly what I feel I want it to be. x

    Hi Monica....glad this brought a smile :~) I'm not sure if there are any to be made this always comes spontaneously and impulsively. Will you make some? x

  9. Herb Cloth sounds wonder-full!
    Looking forward to following along with you, too. xxx

  10. Hey...I just love the bowl of evening primrose...the light is so pretty. I think your idea for your slow cloth is going to be wonderful! I'll be working along with the rest of you...magically.

    Great to be here! I'll be back to read more.

  11. secret pockets with herbs--what a great idea.

  12. ~ Hi jaihn...thank you :~) x x

    ~ Hi Shishi ~ thank you....and yes....magically :~) x x

    ~ Hey hey deanna ~ I got quite excited when that idea popped into my head....thank you :~) x x