Thursday, 16 August 2012

~ Tilly ~

4th November 2005 ~ 3rd August 2012

After a mostly horrible twelve months, with this last month being the worst since it started, Tilly finally went to join dear friends at Rainbow Bridge. I still cannot write this without crying, and it will be a long time before the pain we feel from missing her fades.

This is how I love to remember her ~


She loved to be wrapped in my jumpers.



(my arms miss holding her)

When she and Our Boy were pups together


Sun Worshipper


(she used to help herself to raspberries
from our garden too)

With Friends

(I like to think of her and Buzz chasing sticks together,
as they used to when they were both alive)

with her sister....

and just so beautiful

A part of our Family

Our Little Girl
Tilly Trotter
Tilly Billy
Tilly Babes
Darling Girl

~ We Love You ~


  1. Oh gosh, I have tears streaming down... I'm so sorry to hear about Tilly. Its such an intense loss - a big energy hole in the home - when an animal companion leaves. I think grieving allows us to feel how deeply we love when our hearts are cracked open, but cracking open is, well, intense. I went through this just a few years ago and wish you healing blessings as you navigate this time.

  2. Oh Helen. I am so very sorry to hear of your great loss of beloved little Tilly (and the not good year so far too). This beautiful honoring post has made me cry for your broken hearts. When I saw the siblings pic, I gasped as my sister and I had a brother/sister pair. Her girl had the stand up ears and my boy had one of each ears. Tilly held so many graces about her, but mostly that she was so well, so deeply loved by her people.
    Please take care of one another.

    1. Thank you Nancy. Her sister is with Mark's parents. She and Tilly were litter sisters. Tilly is buried in their garden, as we do not own this house, and I like to think of Tamzin barking at her and telling her the day's news.

  3. Helen, a darling girl -- this photo essay is awesome. I am so sorry. Love from me to you. xoxo

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you to you too x

  5. its all about Love, isn't it.
    Tilly taught.

    1. Exactly that Grace ~ yes ~

      ....and she continues to....


  6. i'm trying not to cry as i've cried so much for our little jack russell doggie, over 3 years ago and still my heart squeezes.

    i'm so very sorry, they are our fur-children. clearly tilly basked in love in the time with you all.

  7. They stay in our hearts forever don't they....our 'fur~children'.

    Thank you Monica. x

  8. so sorry. thanks for sharing all the good times. nice memories you can hold onto.

    1. Yes, such good memories. Thank you Deanna.

  9. It's taken me a couple of weeks to catch up with posts, and I was so sorry to see the news - I feel heartbroken for you. So much love, and happy memories. xxxM

  10. I feel your family's loss, Helen. A dog's love and loyalty can always be counted on. I am sure she loved you dearly and I know she will never be forgotten. They are so much a part of our lives. I am so sorry, She was beautiful.

    1. Thank you Gwen....yes, she was so beautiful....and a softy.

  11. my heart understands, i have had such a loss, my heart breaks for you. lovely remembrance for Tilly.

  12. so sorry about Tilly's passing - came here via Spirit Diaries. I imagine making the cloth in her honor will be healing.