Thursday, 27 September 2012

~ A Little More on the Tilly Keepers and Playing Catch~Up ~

 How it began.....

 'The Tilly Keepers' now have eyes, and the beginning of grasses and mosses around their roots (now extended).  The cyanotype feather in the centre is Tilly flying free. There will be two moons, one of them blue, as she died in August and it was a blue~moon month.

Sorry about the poor picture quality. The light has been poor here for days.

House sitting at the Willow farm in the Spring.....

Gorgeous and adorable Axle

Zoomed in on lovely donkeys in a distant field

A mini Faerie Waterfall.....

in a mini Faerie Wood

Brand new oak leaves

Ghostly underwater world

Lunchtime notice from a colourfull and eccentric shop owner 
in Newcastle Emlyn

Cenarth Bridge

Such a dramatic sky

Apple blossom buds

and flowers

and fruit
from our garden.
Two apples last year, ten this year :~)

The River Teifi at St Dogmaels

From our garden....

Our Boy had friends staying over. I couldn't resist taking a photo
of these shoes.

Clasped in a tight embrace....

An early Autumn visit to
my favourite local Cromlech

We walked through silent woods to get to it, stopping to
absorb the peace, breathing deep.

My Touchstone

So happy to be in this magical place ~
a ring of Beech trees surrounding the
burial chamber
One from the archives


  1. Helen this is so very moving... You live a graceful, beautiful life. xo

  2. Helen, I always feel myself light up when I see a post from you come up, for I know I am in for a real treat. Your extended stream of beautiful photographs are in fact visions of a life well-lived. Thank you for sharing, especially the progress on the Tilly Keepers.

  3. Is that gwal y filiast? If so, it's just down the road from me!
    Fabulous photos!

  4. Hey Gwen and Nancy ~ thank you for such lovely and kind words....happy Full Moon to you x x x

    Hey Mel....welcome home cariad. You were in my thoughts today....would love to meet up soon.
    YES! :~) It is Gwal y Filiast, and my sense of direction is so bad that I thought where you live would be miles from here!! :~)))