Tuesday, 2 October 2012

~ Memories ~

Mam and Dad, my brother and me @ 1961
She was so beautiful.

My chickens used to come in for  a visit. 1991

Mama cat ~ Peaches, being cwtched into by her two daughters,
Puddy Cat and Smartie Pants
Three beautiful cats and a Kitten. My lovely Reliant Kitten car. 
I wish I had kept it.

My gorgeous Bohemian Man. Christmas Day 1992

Our Wedding Day 1st July 1993...as I wrote elsewhere:
What a fantastic day that was. Rode to Cardigan on the motorbike, carrying our trilby hats in a bag on my back. I was hugely pregnant and we giggled all the way through the ceremony....scandalising the registrar and his assistants :~) Our 'reception' was, seven of us descending onto Cardigan Arms chippy for whatever and chips. More giggles and lots of laughter, and we haven't stopped laughing together since. Best thing I've ever done. Most years, we manage to go back to the chip shop on our wedding anniversary.

I loved being pregnant....every moment and new development was a wonder~full experience.
and I really did get huge!
We compromised when it came to the birth, as the hospital was so far away. I had a fantastic labour....five hours from waters breaking to birth. Two hours to get to the hospital, and three hours in a birthing pool with midwives and nurses that were willing for me to have essential oils vaporizing in the room, and for My Man to be in the pool with me. I spent the whole time on all fours, draped across his knees, and having my back massaged at intervals. After the birth though, I got into trouble and had to be whisked to theatre, so, I was very glad that we had chosen to be in the hospital.
One of the very best feelings as a mother

Our first home together was my large static caravan. Immediately 
after Our Boy was born,I returned to studying massage. I had a college certificate from a couple of years before and had tried to 
study for my recognised International Certificate, (ITEC), while I was pregnant, but my brain turned to mush! The couch you see here, (below), is the vintage doctor's couch I used while training. I used to practice on six people a week in that tiny space....not including extra sessions for My Man, and baby massage for Our Boy :~) We'd installed a Rayburn stove and it was always toasty warm.

Our Boy being introduced to his first typewriter. 

We have lived in many places where a sink 
was used for a bath

This one, (below), was in a single room we lived in for one and a half years.
It was large and had a Rayburn stove, (how we love those), which gave us our source of heat, hot water, and cooking. We had been

living in our camper van,(Betty Ford),

for the previous eighteen months, so were used to an even smaller space. 

The second hand bookshop we used to have as a business in
Cardigan,and where I had a therapy room for giving treatments. We had a bookstall in the market too, where we had an honesty box. 
He has inherited our great love of books.

Motorbike love....
If you visit here Jude, look at how my jacket pocket looks like an eye :~)


  1. What an awesome post! All I can say is I loved it. And I got huge like that, too. xo

    1. Hey Peggy....thank you. I have typed and deleted several words here, that are trying to say thank you for commenting on each of my posts, when these days I do not return the compliment. It means a great deal to me that you take the time and effort to do so....Blessed Be x x x

  2. What a beautiful trip down your memory lane. Loved this post Helen :)

    1. Thank you Nancy...and I say the same to you as I said in reply to Peggy....thank you for commenting on each of my posts, even though I do not, at the moment, do the same in return. x x x

  3. what a lovely tour through pieces of your life & world. i have the pregnant in unbuttoned over-alls photo, too.

    1. Hey Cindy. Thank you. I loved those over-alls - they're called dungarees here :~) Were you a scruffy tomboy too?...I'm saying 'were'....I still am! :~)

  4. Fab post. Reminds me of our wedding day almost 29 years ago, married at the court house on Dec. 27, I was hugely pregnant, the morning of our wedding we went to a local restaurant, Charky's, and had a good breakfast, my husband had steak and eggs I don't remember what I had. Three weeks later our son was born, we called him Matthew as it means Gift from God. Twenty nine years late we are still very much in love, parents to four children, and grandparents to 3 little boys, and a soon to be born granddaughter. Life is good if you are willing to go along for the ride :)

    Blessings to you,


    1. Thanks Bean...it is good to see you here. You got married the day after my birthday :~)) What a great story....thank you for sharing it and I so agree with your last sentence.

  5. your life has been so full of love and good humor helen!! this post is such an inspiration!