Wednesday, 20 March 2013

~ Spring Equinox ~

The blackthorn is 
beginning to bloom,
and the hawthorn is 
showing the tenderest 
of new green, as its buds 
slowly give birth to its 
Spring foliage.
The collared doves send coded messages
of coo~ing love to one another,
and Sol climbs higher
and burns brighter
every day.
18th March 2013


  1. your poem gives me hope that spring will eventually come, as it continues to snow gently outside!
    The edna st.vincent millay poem was the inspiration for a ceramic artist called Sophie Wiltshire and it is on in this gallery:
    if you scroll down to her name you can read a bit about her, and i found some of edna's poems on the internet later. I went as my jewellery teacher had work in the exhibition but when we got there i recognised work by buddug wyn humphreys too- i have a little necklace made by her. There was some really beautiful stuff there. it is on until the 17th may if you are going to visit london at all in the next few weeks. I was there for a few days visiting my daughter. xxx

    1. thank you so much for this Mimmin.....I've enjoyed reading all about 'Forming Words' is just the kind of thing I find interesting. I would love to go and see the exhibition, but unfortunately it doesn't seem likely...but you never know! I've looked further into Sophie and Buddug's work too.....and have bookmarked them...oh! and you have one of Buddug's necklaces.....

      I loved Tabea Dürr's work too. Did you read how she was inspired by Mary Queen of Scots' embroidered coded messages and birds...fascinating.

      thanks again Mimmin. x x x

  2. Looking forward to some warmer weather here in Ontario sometime soon.
    Is the photo a blackthorn?

    1. It is cold here too Dean....Easterly wind has been prevalent for days would be nice to have a summer this year!

      Blackthorn ~ is a photo I took about two years ago. Not blossoming in our garden yet, but I have noticed it elsewhere. I owe you a recipe!!! Just remembered!

      Love to you and Fleur-Ange

  3. wishing there were such magickal trees here, and grateful for a glimpse! have you ever tried dyeing with blackthorn bark? i read that it makes a lovely red dye. xxo

    1. Hey hey Dru....I haven't visited you in such a long time....thank you for coming here.

      They are magical aren't they...and NO...I hadn't even thought of dyeing with the bark...oh oh oh...thank you for suggesting it...I will try it! My latest has been pomegranates.....which I forgot about, so they were doing their thing for weeks. They came out a muddy greeny-brown....not too bad though!

      Love to you x x x

  4. just the name blackthorn is magical- what beautiful blossoms. happy spring to you!

    1. Isn't it though Cindy.....thank you and happy Spring to you too :~) x x x

  5. Hi, Helen. I just noticed the rock stacks in your header. They are really cool! I've taken to stacking rocks lately. I don't have such flat, smooth, colorful rocks, but I do have Roman rocks (there must have been a Roman farm house in the field next door).
    best from Tunisia,