Friday, 1 February 2013

~ Happy Imbolc ~

The light is back....wahooo. I love this day. The snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses are all promising us their blooms very soon. Two brave and hardy primroses are already cheering us with their pale yellow flowers, and we had sunshine this morning.

We were told recently that the Buddha said: 'the time of the dawn is when it is light enough to be able to see the lines in your hands and the green of the grass'...isn't that beautiful. This morning that was at 7:30, and this evening, the light lingered until 5:30....ten hours feels great....and it is going to get better and better :~)))

With fire and candles lit, and the little hearth alter in place as usual to honour Brigid....
Happy Imbolc.

Cariad Mawr.
H. x


  1. Blessed Be! May your inner fires burn bright this Imbolc day! ( or, I guess by now it is your night!!)

  2. I was so caught up in yesterday's workshops and hafla that I forgot to acknowledge and celebrate and Lyza didn't say anything either! Thank you for this beautiful and loving reminder!

  3. If I knew about Imbolc, I have forgotten. Our Groundhog Day is apparently related in some way but spring is far from our thoughts in general. I have on my heaviest sweater and need to start the fire in the fireplace to warm up our library soon as it is only 14 degrees inside. Our furnace just can't seem to warm the whole house when it is -14 outside with some wind. The house is old and way too large for the two of us but it's paid for so we pay for fuel instead. There are a few brave flowers outside but they prefer to hide under the snow on mornings like this.

  4. Happy Imbolc to you...
    What a lovely quote from Buddha, it really is beautiful.x

  5. Every day i wish for Spring. Lovely to think your flowers are showing faith in blooming.

  6. thinking of you....