Thursday, 25 November 2010

~ A Month of Rainbows ~

Our computer died :~( 

We now have a very expensive light shade, as the body of the Mac Sunflower is perfect for that! We loved our Mac ~ it was so pretty. I was trying to upload a photo of her in her new guise, but, I have just discovered that we had our camera set to RAW and the computer here will not open them :~( Never mind....

here is a friends' (Dave and Billa's) place where we used to work with willows until five years ago. We have never really left though as we often house-sit, or, as at the moment, I am staying here to help Billa, as Dave is visiting his mother in Australia.
It has been a month of rainbows and the above image is the view out of the window where I sit using their computer. As I type, I hear their cockerel crowing ~ it is almost time to go out to feed the chickens and ducks their evening fare. This morning I moved the ten Welsh Black Mountain sheep ~ an easy task ~ with ewe pellets in a bucket as enticement they would follow me anywhere! The matriarch is now very old for a sheep and I feed her twice a day from a small scoop held in my hands. I squat down in front of her and my heart expands when she lifts her head and gently sniffs my face, never once stopping her chewing!
Four dogs keep me constant company and we have such fun walking around the fields or going down to the very large pond. It has a little island for water~birds to nest on and a coracle to paddle around in.

The willows come into their own right now as their summer dresses fall around them to reveal a field full of colour. From the bright orange of the 'Yelverton'* to the palest most delicate green of one of the purpureas*, and the deep plum purple of several of the daphnoides*. Like plums, they also get a 'bloom' which adds even more to their beauty. To see a field full of these intense autumn shades, not on leaves but on slim, tall, rods makes me sing ~ and I do ~ loudly and unabashedly.

* All different types of willow ~ there are hundreds!

I am missing my husband and my son and our little dog, who could not come and stay this time. My Man and I, except for a week when Jac was a baby, have not been apart at all for over 18 years and it is hard. I will be seeing them tomorrow night though....sigh ~

We are not sure when we will get a replacement computer. We are hoping it will be Saturday, or next week.

We had snow today!! That's very early for us here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely people in America *


  1. I have never heard of a coracle before this very minute... what an interesting and useful little boat... must be lightweight too..

    sorry to hear about your computer.. my old PC was broke down last week so I was without too ... part of me missed using that useful but distracting box... and part of me felt very free without it.. sort of a tug of war...

    it appears very pastoral at your friend Bila's place.. must be restful there in-between tending the beasties...

  2. Hi Gwen....yes, the coracle fishermen of old used to carry it on their backs quite happily :~)

    I know what you mean about the tug of war, and now that I am here and have the use of their computer periodically I am of course enjoying it!

    It is incredibly beautiful, peaceful and isolated down here ~ yesterday, until Billa came home....she has in the past year opened her own vet surgery....I saw not one person...bliss. Sometimes almost too busy to fully be able to enjoy it though, as I also man the phone for orders and make up the orders to go out....Dave is usually very busy here....they have a great little cottage industry.

    Lovely to 'see' you Gwen
    Blessed be

  3. Oh, that photo is incredible! Seems to be many computer fatalities lately. I'm glad you're still able to see the rainbows amidst the loss of your own!

    Blessings and light...

  4. Hi Wabi~Sabi Wanderings and thank you so much for visiting...especially as I know how ill you have been.

    I cheated with this's an old one from my Flickr account and taken by our son when we were house~sitting here a few years ago....but what I have been seeing is the's nice when some things don't change :~)

    Healing winging its way to you*
    Blessed be.

  5. Your house-sitting sounds idyllic - except for being parted from your loved ones. Hope you have a shiny, new computer very soon...

  6. you seem to have a very dear and observant spirit about you. I'm glad I found your journal. and that you sing unabashedly.