Thursday, 2 June 2011

~ Around the Garden ~

Willow arbour built by me 8 years ago
Garden bench built by my Man 6 years ago

Farmama is inviting her readers to add a link to their 'Around the (Farm) Garden Thursday' posts, so I thought I'd join in with images from our garden this week....

So happy to see the sage in bloom

One little redcurrant ready before the rest :~)

This rosemary is old now, and I really need to take cuttings from her this year and start a new one.

This little bee was very busy for such a loooong time....

It's so very good to have our own greens to eat every day

Love the long days of air drying......

....sometimes two loads in one day ~

Welsh Poppies which self~seeded here a few years ago keep blossoming right through
until the end of the summer

I hope I'll have more garden produce photographed by next week.
Happy gardening everyone :~)


  1. Beautiful pictures and I'm with you on fresh greens everyday!

  2. Oh lovely - such a lot of lush green-ness. x

  3. love those poppies and we have some greens too ~ collards and turnips so far. :)

  4. Hi Helen - I love the pictures of your washing on the line! They're great.
    Sounds like good times. xx

  5. Thank you everyone :~)))

  6. Your garden looks gorgeous, I'm sooooo jealous of all your fresh greens-yum.

  7. Hey G ~ thank you. It ~is~ good to have those greens to pick fresh whenever we want :~)x