Wednesday, 30 March 2011

~ Leap for joy ~

Tilly says it for all of us.

~ Our Boy passed his driving test today ~


  1. Isn't it :~)))

    Thank you W.S. Hope you are all well over there :~)

  2. Love this picture of Tilly!!

    AND...that SCOBY arrived! I'm over the moon. Am presently boiling water and digging through my teabags...Thank you!!! I love the stone so much and the driftwood is so perfect. :)

  3. Oh! oh! oh! so glad it arrived...doing a little dance here :~)))) I was worried that the driftwood wouldn't be suitable....but then hoped you could put it to another use if it wasn't! Happy now :~)

  4. No, I have used 4 of the driftwood pieces!! And when we move (maybe next year) I'm taking them with me. If you look below, there is a link to my video of a mobile I made of willow which hangs over our bed, you can see a lovely stone with a hole in it from a trip to california. I do love them and love their symbolism. Thank you!